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The Trans-Bhutan Trail: Reinvigorating a cultural treasure

“Life has many twists and turns – similar to trails old and new” The earliest records of the traditional trail linking together what is now the Kingdom of Bhutan, dates

Trans Bhutan Trail – End of 2019 Highlights

Last month marked the first official meeting of the Trans Bhutan Trail Steering Committee. Representing a diverse group of stakeholders including government ministries, CSOs, and autonomous groups, the members include:

January Trans Bhutan Trail Report

Guides and supporters, thank you! Building a trail takes many hands and full bellies. The TBT would like to thank the following Elders, guides, supporters and sustainers for their generosity

February Trans Bhutan Trail Report

Steering Committee  This blog and photos are by Catherine Smart, see more by Catherine here:

Walking in the Footsteps of our Ancestors: Completion of the Trans Bhutan Trail Survey

Before the Expedition We almost didn’t do it. With the first cases of coronavirus coming to Bhutan, borders closing, expats leaving, schools closing and preparations underway for the pandemic, surveying

De-Suung Stories from the Trans Bhutan Trail

The following are stories from De-Suung volunteers, also known as Guardians of Peace. On March 13, 2020 the De-Suung volunteers set out in two teams for a survey expedition of

April Trans Bhutan Trail Report

On behalf of the Trans Bhutan Trail community, we hope that you and your families are keeping well and safe during this global challenging time. Be safe and we look forward

May Trans Bhutan Trail Blog

In May the TBT community was joined by 28 new members. Gups (local leaders) from Gewogs (Counties) have come together in support of the trail. Each has conducted a trail

June Trans Bhutan Trail Blog

Trails are more about building community than about cutting a path. This has certainly been the case over the last month as hundred of unemployed tourism workers and villagers across

July Trans Bhutan Trail Blog

“If you only walk on sunny days you will never reach your destination.” -Paulo Coelho, Novelist An appropriate quote for July on the Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT) as monsoon rains

Community Leaders Along the Trans Bhutan Trail: Hearing from the Gups

Over the past few months, Bhutan had been successful in mitigating the risks and preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Until August 11, there was zero community spread. While the Bhutanese

August Trans Bhutan Trail Blog

This blog from Jamyang and Tandin records their experiences on the Trans Bhutan Trail prior to national lockdown. They look forward to continuing their journey along the trail once it

Interview with Dasho Dorji Dhradhul, Director General of TCB and Chair of Trans Bhutan Trail Steering Committee

Dorji Dhradhul, Director General of Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) completed his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Science from Sri Lanka and obtained a master’s degree from the UK. After working

Paro: more than Tiger’s Nest

Paro is located in the northwestern part of Bhutan. It is one of the most beautiful districts in the country with broad valleys, fresh green lands and fields. It is

Interview with Dasho Kado Zangpo, Director of the Department of Local Governance, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs

Kado Zangpo is the Director of the Department of Local Governance under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs. He graduated from Sherubtse College in Khanglung, Tashigang and pursued his

Interview with Kinley Tenzin, PhD, Executive Director of Royal Society for Protection of Nature

Dr. Kinley Tenzin completed his Undergraduate BSc in forestry from the University of the Philippines and his Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Edinburgh, UK. In

Fortress on a Pile of Jewels: Paro Dzong

“The Paro valley looked like a backcloth for an Arthurian legend. The tall houses with their colourful wood-carvings round  the windows stood dramatically among the paddy-fields. It was like stumbling

Interview with Tshewang Nidup, CEO of Bhutan Expeditions

Tshewang Nidup is the CEO of Bhutan Expeditions, a small family owned business offering specialized tours of Bhutan. Tshewang focuses his business on education, making sure tourists leave with a

Meymey Dorji’s Memories of the Trans Bhutan Trail: Interview with a 92 year old Elder

Dorji Wangchuk is a 92 year old father, husband, brother, and above all traveler. Dorji fondly remembers and shares his memories of the old trails of Bhutan and how everything

Oral histories, passport program, resurveying, and more on the Trans Bhutan Trail

For hundreds of years the route of the Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT) was carved across the landscape of Bhutan. Despite a generation of neglect, the path is still clear, as

Storytelling with Agay Passang Wangi: trails make the world a better place

72 year old Agay Passang Wangi from Phangyuel Gewog, Wangdiphodrang Dzongkhag travelled the Trans Bhutan Trail when walking by foot was the primary means of transportation. He recalls the journey

Interview with Tek Bahadur Khatiwara, Programme Director at Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO)

Tek Bahadur Khatiwara, Programme Director at Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO), has over 17 years of practical work experiences implementing various sustainable tourism developmental projects, from villages to towns

Trail work steams ahead after lockdown

Lockdown and Expansion Bhutan underwent a second 42-day national lockdown from December 2020 to January 2021. Despite this setback, the Trans Bhutan Trail team continued our work from home and

Interview with Tshering Choki, Director of Athang Private Limited

Above: Tshering Choki, third from left, leading guide training with local youth.  Ms. Tshering Choki is the Director of Athang Private Limited, a private company dedicated to the development of

TBT March 2021 Updates from The Trail

Here is our latest update from March 2021! As soon as the 2nd nationwide lockdown lifted, our team returned to the trails. We have been rerouting the trails between Trongsa

An Interview with Karma Tshering from BCF!

Steering Committee Interview: Mr. Karma Tshering BCF 1. Tell me how you first got involved with the Trans Bhutan Trail? I first got involved in the project in the year

July 2021 Update: The Journey to Sustainability

Read the latest update on the Trans Bhutan Trail here on their July 2021 Newsletter! With the work on the Trans Bhutan Trail entering its 3rd phase, the team has

Forging New Trails

The Trans Bhutan Trail once played an integral role in communication and transportation for our ancestors in Bhutan. You can read more about what the Trans Bhutan Trail team are

November 2021: Updates from the Trail

There are some very exciting new updates from the TBT team this month, including new partnerships, challenges, and developments across the trail. The Trans Bhutan Trail belongs to every Bhutanese.