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Online Learning Platform Initiative

Online Learning Platform Initiative

In partnership with the Bhutanese Ministry of Education (MoE) and Royal Education Council (REC), the Bhutan Canada Foundation is supporting the development of an online learning platform initiative in Bhutan to help leverage information communication technology (ICT) for education. This is an emerging shift outlined in the MoE’s Education Blueprint 2014-2024 to facilitate inclusiveness in education, enable the access of information and knowledge, and make education more relevant and easier to administer.

Using a capacity building approach, BCF aims to enhance the ability of the MoE and REC to design, implement, and sustain the online learning initiative.

Activities to date:

  • Meetings with the Ministry of Education and Royal Education Council to understand the needs of both stakeholders and current progress made towards an e-learning system and textbook digitization
  • Shared learning using both paid and open-source learning management systems from a Canadian online school. Provided access to Bhutanese partners on two systems to supplement their research and aid in decision making

Next steps:

  • LMS technical expert to meet MoE and REC in Bhutan to complete further consultations on both front-end and back-end needs
  • BCF to continue to work with MoE and REC based on their identified needs

Additional information on ICT in Education: