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Reading Program

With our programs currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Bhutan Canada Foundation will continue to monitor the developments both at home and in Bhutan before resuming. We will continue placements when we are confident that we can ensure minimal risks to staff, partners, volunteers, and the communities we serve.

Applications will still be accepted; the information will be saved on file for review as soon as possible. Qualified applicants will be contacted once the programs resume.

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Reading Program

The Reading Program is an opportunity for teachers to help build the capacity of Bhutanese students and teachers. During a 4 week classroom placement teachers will help elementary or middle school youth to improve their English reading skills. Volunteer teachers will also mentor Bhutanese teachers, providing them with the chance to discuss teaching pedagogies and facilitate professional development initiatives. 

Volunteering in Bhutan

Volunteers will gain exposure to a holistic and sustainable approach to development in Bhutan called Gross National Happiness or GNH. Teacher volunteers will also see firsthand how the ‘Educating for GNH’ initiative is infused in schools through curriculum, cultural practices, and green activities.


  • Plan, prepare, and model lessons based on national curriculum to a range of classes (all in English) to support student literacy and learning
  • Facilitate opportunities for capacity development for Bhutanese teachers through peer mentorship, sharing of teaching pedagogies, and developing professional development activities
  • Use culturally relevant approaches to teaching and be responsive to the local context
  • Take a genuine interest in local teacher and student development

In order to qualify applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Bachelor of Education or equivalent education in teaching
  • Three years of classroom teaching experience
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Demonstrates the ability to work in a cross-cultural environment
  • Be in excellent health

Program Fees

2022 Fees (Note: Fees are subject to change once international travel resumes and travel costs are clearer)

All fees are in US dollars

Due to price increases in country, fees will increase for programs starting August 2020. 

  • International flight (to gateway city to Bhutan) – Booked by teacher
  • Round-trip flight to Paro – $450 – 1,000 (Departing from Kathmandu, Delhi or Bangkok)
  • Accommodations – $1,100
  • In country support (transportation and staff support) – $300
  • Administration and operations fees – $550

Estimated total in US dollars $2,400 – $2,950** 

**Estimated total does not include international flight. Other costs not included: medical insurance, meals, gifts for school. Note, spouses and family are not permitted to accompany teacher unless both participate in the program.

This might look expensive! But it’s actually a much better deal than travelling to Bhutan as a tourist. After flight costs, the Reading Program’s in-country and administration/donation costs are US$1,800 for 30 days, or US$60 per day***. In contrast, travelling in Bhutan as a tourist requires paying a mandatory tourism tariff of US$200-250 per day (including meals). And best of all, you’ll experience everyday life in Bhutan in a way a tourist never will, while also having the opportunity to see Tiger’s Nest, the country’s famous tourist attraction. If you want to hear more, contact us for details.

***Calculation based on March and May 2020 program fees. 

Apply Now

Due to COVID-19, this program is on hold. Applications will still be accepted. Qualified applicants will be contacted when the program opens up again. 

Questions about this program can be addressed to or 647-233-6607.