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May Trans Bhutan Trail Blog

In May the TBT community was joined by 28 new members. Gups (local leaders) from Gewogs (Counties) have come together in support of the trail. Each has conducted a trail assessment. In some cases work has already begun on trail improvements based on stimulus funding through Tourism Council of Bhutan. The funding will support local economies and create employment opportunities for hundreds across the length of the trail.

TBT Team Sonam Rinchen (left) and Pema Drukpa (right) meet with Gups (local leaders) in Wangdi District to discuss future trail work.
After 50 years there is a fair bit to clear along the old route.

To assist with trail work by Gewogs, a Sustainability Trail Standards Manual has been developed. The manual draws on best practices from our friends at the World Trails Network, Bruce Trail and Appalachian Trail, to enhance local knowledge of sustainable trail building.

Work underway to produce a Trail Standards Manual that takes into account local conditions and trekking outfits.

Our designer, Jamtsho is working to complete the next version of the Trail Passport. Jamtsho has created a beautiful, uniquely Bhutanese passport that will be used by trekkers and travelers as they journey along the TBT. The passport pilot will be launched in September, providing an opportunity for domestic trekking and family day hikes.

TBT continues to develop the website, map app and other social media platforms. Watch for the soon to be launched Facebook page. We are looking forward to sharing stories and pictures from along the trail in the coming months. #transbhutantrail

TBT is excited to be partnering with Greener Way waste management and plastic recycling. The company has been contracted to provide 125 recycled plastic signage posts which will be used to mark the trail across the country. In future, materials will also be used for trail infrastructure including bridges, benches and shelters.

Project Director, Stephen Couchman meets with Karma Yonten, Founder of Greener Way.

We are looking to grow the team. Over the coming month we are hoping to add to the TBT team with a Marketing Manager and researchers to help promote the trail, develop the passport program and begin development of the trail guide. See our careers page for details.

There is a flourishing Mountain Bike Community in Bhutan. Parts of the TBT will be designed for shared track trekking and riding. For those of you thinking about some day riding in Bhutan, here’s what you have to look forward to:

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Tashi Delek,

The TBT Team

BONUS: Photos from the archive

Punakha Dzong map showing the Old Trail leading down from the North.
A traditional Bazam (wooden cantilever bridge) several of which still exist along the trail. (The roof protects the structure from rot in monsoon conditions.)

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