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Official opening of the Special Education Needs Unit: Story from a BCF teacher

Chris is a teacher who volunteered for the Reading Program at Tang Central School. Chris returned to Tang for the second time with her friend Barb to continue to support learning outcomes for youth. Both Chris and Barb organized the shipment of books and resources to Bhutan. They were also able to take part in the official opening of the Special Education Needs Unit. Here is Chris’ story about her time at Tang Central School.

Our time at Tang Central School coincided with the inauguration of the new Special Needs class. The resources Barb had sent from Australia, through Rotary, as well as the laptop and iPad from Moorland Public School were put to excellent use in the new classroom. My friend Ruth, who has much more expertise than I in Special Education, also provided some excellent teaching aids and information for the teachers.

Resources arriving to Tang Central School.

Setting up SEN unit. Photo credits: Chris Godman

Barb and I offered ideas for organizing the room. We colour coded boxes and labels (surprise!), laminated instructions and suggested what furniture might be suitable. The children with Special Needs spent some time with us before the official opening, then on the day performed beautifully in the classroom doing various activities for the Dzongkha and representatives from the Ministry of Education.

We were again considered special guests and were treated like royalty…not something I was comfortable with, but I managed to behave appropriately! The students presented a number of musical items and again we had front row seats!

Thursday and Friday we participated in staff development activities with two delightful presenters Karma and Pema. It really was a privilege to be involved and appreciated so much for our contribution.

Official opening of SEN unit.

Staff professional development. Photo credit: Chris Godman

This story is written by Chris Godman. All photos are also by Chris Godman. Read more about Chris’ adventures in Bhutan here: Learn more about the Special Needs Education programme here:

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