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Equitable Socio-Economic Development

Note: All listed resources are either open access or BCF has received permission to post them.

Women Entrepreneurship in Bhutan – the Scenario and the Way Forward, Druk Journal (2018) by Pem Lama.

Proposed GNH of Business (2017), by Tshoki Zangmo, Karma Wangdi and Jigme Phuntsho, Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH.

Community perspectives on the on-farm diversity of six major cereals and climate change in BhutanAgriculture (2015), by Tirtha Bdr. Katwal et al.

Bhutan’s forests through the framework of ecosystem services: Rapid assessment in three forest typesForests (2018), by Robin Sears et al.

Road expansion and its influence on trail sustainability in BhutanForests (2011), by Taiichi Ito.


Key Organizations