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Tapestry 2030

COVID-19 Resources

Resources for teachers, students, parents, and guardians

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COVID-19 Resources

Bhutanese Nationals

COVID-19 information for Bhutanese nationals in Canada

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Bhutanese Nationals

Think Piece

Politics and Education Policy by Dr. Sonam Chuki

How have politics shaped the delivery of education in Bhutan? What policies are needed to help youth receive quality education? And what role can educated citizens have to inform politics within the education system?


Reading Program

Helping to build the capacity of Bhutanese students and teachers through 4-week classroom placements. Seeking volunteer teachers in 2020.

Trans Bhutan Trail

Restoring and reconnecting the historic 425 km Trans Bhutan Trail from Haa to Trashigang in partnership with Tourism Council Bhutan.

Partnership Building

Bringing together like-minded organizations in Canada and Bhutan to work together for mutual benefit, particularly in education, while strengthening capacity in Bhutan.

School Talk with Principal Chhogyel

We had the opportunity to interview Principal Chhogyel from Haa to discuss Gross National Happiness in Bhutanese schools. Hear Principal Chhogyel speak about the ‘Educating for Gross National Happiness’ initiative and the value of wellbeing and happiness.


Resource Hub

The Ministry of Education has released iSherig-2, 2019-2023. This is a master plan to lay the foundation and create an enabling environment for information, communication, and technology (ICT) initiatives in education. Read how this second iteration focuses on capacity building, content development, systems and infrastructure building, as well as the new initiatives for special education needs and non-formal education.

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