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The Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF) works to further the development of Bhutan and its people through programs that have a beneficial impact on its educational and social institutions. We achieve our goals through partnerships with the people of Bhutan, carrying on a long-standing tradition of Canadian and Bhutanese knowledge exchange, cooperation and goodwill.


See what teachers are saying about teaching with Bhutan Canada Foundation

  • It was possibly the most satisfying teaching experience in my whole career. I was able to use my skills and experience, and could see the positive results of my work…I feel that I came away from Bhutan a much richer person. The students, my colleagues, and my neighbours taught me a great deal about Bhutanese culture. More importantly, immersion in that culture also taught me a lot about myself.

    Ann Berman
    Past Year Long Teacher, based in Mongar
Teaching In Bhutan

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