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BCF’s Think Piece series provides in-depth explorations of key issues related to development in Bhutan. They will appear approximately quarterly on the BCF website and be written by both Canadian and Bhutanese authors.

Longer and more in-depth than a blog but shorter than a journal article, each Think Piece is intended to generate thought and discussion. Please continue the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in response to an individual Think Piece in the Comments section.

If you have a longer, more in-depth response to a Think Piece, please send it to us and we will consider posting it under your name. Longer responses can be sent to Please include the phrase ‘Think Piece response’ in the subject line.

Re-thinking entrepreneurship through the lens of culture: Implications for sustainable entrepreneurship education in Bhutan

Kent Schroeder, Executive Director, Bhutan Canada Foundation * This Think Piece is an adaptation of a paper presented by the author at the Seventh International Conference on Gross National Happiness in Thimphu, Bhutan. Introduction Promoting entrepreneurship is a key vehicle

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