Stunning Photos – Birds of Bhutan

Bhutan is enormously rich in bird diversity. On a global scale, the country is recognized as forming a part of several globally important bird regions.  It’s unique location leads to tremendous diversity of wildlife, plants, and animals within its boundaries. Within its physical and biological diversities and with approximately 70% forest cover, Bhutan has some of the best remaining representative samples of the unique Himalayan eco-system.

There are nearly 700 species of birds in Bhutan. Here are some stunning photographs from National Geographic, posted by Steve Boyes, of species of birds found in Bhutan.

Sapphire Flycatcher, Photo Credit: Debapratim Saha
Red-headed Trogon, Photo Credit: Debapratim Saha
Green-tailed Sunbird, Photo Credit: Debapratim Saha

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Stunning Photos – Birds of Bhutan

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  1. After looking at the photos of birds of bhutan by Debapratim Saha, I was really inspired. I could be proud of being native to the land that mothers’ so many beautiful species of birds. Thanks for awakening me.

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