Stories from the Field: Lisa in Kanglung

Over and over, we hear from all our teachers that the people of Bhutan, their students, their colleagues and their neighbors, are what makes Bhutan one of the best places to be. The friends that they make and the connections they share is incredible. The students, in particular, are what gets many of our teachers through their busy busy days.

This Story from the Field, comes from Lisa when she was stationed in Kanglung. 
“Back in February, I moved my newspaper club from Orkeeswa to Kanglung Primary School. The club is a lot bigger – 22 students ranging from grade 4 to 6 – and there’s a lot more hand holding, but overall it’s been a success with the inaugural issue of the KPS Observer having come out in June. And so, with a new semester, comes a new issue (or two, which is my hope).

There are around a handful of students in the club who have real reporting talent, who take initiative, think of their own story ideas, come to club excited with stories to hand in. And there’s one student in particular, Kiran, who’d probably make a better reporter than some adults who write for Bhutanese newspapers. He’s a kid after my own heart.

This morning, the new PE teacher arrives. Her name is Rika and she’s from Japan. As I walked down to morning assembly, I thought, ‘Perfect. The newspaper club can do a story on the new PE teacher.’ I walked to my normal spot in front of 6A, my class. After morning prayer and meditation, the principal stepped forward to introduce Rika. At the start of his introduction, Kiran, who stands in the front of the 6A boys line, leans toward me and whispers, “Ma’am, we can interview her for the newspaper.” My heart soared.”


Read more about the student newspaper, The KPS Observer, here, here, and here.

Stories from the Field: Lisa in Kanglung

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