Stories from the Field – Library Improvement

We’re happy to have another wonderful and inspiring story come from BCF teacher, Reidi who taught at Autsho MSS in Lhuntse, and helped improve the library with a School Development Grant from BCF. This is one of the many Stories from the Field.

Before Renovations.

“The Library Improvement Project that has been done at AMSS has been just that: improving. I think one of the most positive outcomes of this project has been that the students themselves were able to take part in the renovations and organizing of the new books and decorations we purchased for the library. They got a sense of excitement and ownership and that generated new pride and interest in the library itself and literacy studies.  

After Renovations!

The reading areas that were once barely used can now be found with students and teachers a like enjoying. Some of the materials that were purchased were used to make books’ catalogue cards that have enabled the librarians to keep inventory of the library’s collection and have aided overall organization. There were over 70 students who were involved with decorations and renovations, and then I was able to make announcements during morning assemblies about what was going on and why. Through this, students learned literacy skills such as alphabetizing, categorizing by genre, and it produced a school-wide interest in reading!

I have used the space to do book circles and talks, led lessons on the proper way to use and care for books, and how to effectively search for one in a well-organized library. I was surprised to learn that this was the first time these basic library/literacy skills have been directly instructed. I feel it’s an honor and privilege to be the one to bring this new and important aspect of student life and learning to my school.

Reidi and her wonderful student helpers!

The principal, staff, and students a like have commented regularly that the work done here and the result of this project will leave a lasting, positive mark on this school. It makes me proud to know I have created something constructive, new and will leave something important behind. We are all so grateful for having been grated this special opportunity through the Bhutan Canada Foundation.”


Thanks for sharing Reidi!

Stories from the Field – Library Improvement

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