Top Reasons to Teach in Bhutan!

Are you interested in teaching in Bhutan, but want to learn more?

Here are six great reasons why you should join The Bhutan Canada Foundation overseas for this unique teaching opportunity!

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1. Engage with Passionate Students

“In some ways kids are the same wherever you go – playful, easily bored, a little cheeky. There are of course many differences. As a teacher, when I enter the school in Bhutan, I am greeted by every student I pass. Each one bows reverently and says, “Good morning Sir.” – Paul Diver, English and Math teacher at Chumey MSS, Bumthang (joined by his wife and three children)

“Student engagement is not hard to create. I have the students repeat a ‘word of the day’ in unison … This is my first-ever teaching job and so far (so short) I love it.”  Mac Walton, Math teacher at Tsebar LSS, Pemagatshel

2. Connect with Locals and Experience a New Culture

“We really felt honoured to be included in such a small village festival and these are the days we will cherish when we look back on our time in Bhutan. The villagers made us feel welcome and when it was time to leave, people came from all directions to shake our hands and thank us for coming. It was truly a magical day …” – Paul Diver, English and Math teacher at Chumey MSS, Bumthang (joined by his wife and three children)

3. Make an Tangible Impact

“I know that by the end of this year, I can improve their English, get them thinking, make them feel more confident and hopefully, teach them to see themselves in a more positive light. These students appreciate me being here and they show me their appreciation every single day.” – Carmelita Realeza, Primary teacher at Kanglung PS, Trashigang

Expereince breathtaking views

4. Be a part of a Community

“If I need anything, someone is willing to help me out. This includes cooking for me, guiding me up the mountains for weekend hikes, providing me with fresh un-pasturized milk…There’s such a sense of community that nobody can stand to see me sitting alone…” – Ashley & Mike Lenzen, Math teacher at Nangkhor HSS, Pemagatshel (joined by husband, Mike)

5. Build Lifelong Friendships

“Although the first week was harder than the following ones, it would have been much more difficult if not for newfound friends. I am so grateful for the teachers, students and other members of the community taking care of me.”  Mac Walton, Math teacher at Tsebar LSS, Pemagatshel

6. Explore Breathtaking Views of the Himalayas

 “I had hoped all along that blue skies would bless my last few days in Bhutan as I wanted very much to see the big mountains. Once again, as had happened so many times, Bhutan provided.” – Brick Root, Math and Science teacher at Gaselo HSS, Wangdue

Applications for the 2015 school year are now open!

Apply to Teach in Bhutan by July 31, 2014

Top Reasons to Teach in Bhutan!

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