Mid-Year Retreat!

Our 2014 teachers are eager to get back to their classrooms and students after spending their summer break in the East! Along with gathering in Trashigang for the annual BCF mid-year retreat, our teachers went off on adventures, exploring the magical eastern part of Bhutan.

Photo Credit: Justine Diver - Teachers on a Trek!
Photo Credit: Justine Diver – Teachers on a Trek!

“We were to be re-united with our fellow chillip (foreign) teachers at a ‘retreat’ in Bhutan’s mysterious east. According to my trusty Lonely Planet, Bhutan’s east is the most densely populated region but it is still the ‘hinterland’ and many tourists simply don’t make it out that far because of the time spent travelling on the long and winding roads…” – Paul Diver

Photo Credit; Justine Diver - BCF Teachers celebrating Canada Day
Photo Credit: Justine Diver – Celebrating Canada Day during the mid-year retreat.

See more photos and read about the Diver’s summer break on their blog: Summer Break in the East.

Only two weeks left to Apply to Teach in Bhutan for 2015!


Mid-Year Retreat!

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