Life in Bhutan

Have you ever wondered what the day to day life is like in Bhutan? One of our current teachers Josh Cook writes a great blog post on his walk to the bakery. Through this post he is able to paint a picture of life in Bhutan. A must read for anyone interested in our Teach In Bhutan Program or our Summer Reading Program. Let Josh’s writing take you to the hills of the Bhutanese countryside.

Check out the post here:

Remember: Applications for our Teach In Bhutan Program are due MARCH 31 2017. Learn more and apply here

Life in Bhutan

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  1. Really Bhutan is a most beautiful country ever for their culture, nature, and a different lifestyle. I was in Bhutan with my friends for seven days with the help of popular local travel agency Bhutan Mahayana Tour. It was one of the best memorable trip for me.

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