Chairman’s Trip to Bhutan Wraps Up

Chairman’s Trip Travelers at The Bhutan Canada Foundation office, Thimphu

From April 1st to April 10th, Sam Blyth, the Chair of the Bhutan Canada Foundation visited Bhutan with a small group of BCF supporters on his annual “Chairman’s Trip.” It was a great week starting with a very special dinner in Paro, Bhutan that was attended by a number of important guests. It may have been the largest gathering of Canadians ever in the Himalayan Kingdom as the BCF group combined with a group of people that Dr. David Suzuki was leading from the Suzuki Foundation.  At the dinner Dr. Suzuki, who has been appointed to Bhutan’s expert working group on the ” the New Development Paradigm”, spoke about Bhutan’s philosophy of Gross  National Happiness and the important message it has for the world.

Later in the week the group visited the Bhutan Canada Foundation office in Thimphu and were then hosted by the Minister of Education for a delicious traditional Bhutanese meal. As the current government has  completed its term and the next elections are around the corner, Mr. Blyth took the opportunity to thank the Minister for his support and assistance in establishing this very successful and worthwhile collaboration and congratulated the Minister and his government on the great progress that was made in the education sector during their five year term. Likewise, the Minister thanked the Bhutan Canada Foundation for its hard work  in not only maintaining the Bhutan – Canada link in the crucial area of education but in finding wonderful teachers from around the world that are truly making a difference across the Kingdom.

The group then went to field to visit schools, meet BCF teachers and enjoyed the beauty of spring in the Himalayas. They then flew back from Bumthang to Paro and climbed up to the famous Taksang Lhakang for a final blessing before they departed Bhutan.

For information on the 2014 Chairman’s Trip to Bhutan email or call (416) 572 – 3767. 

Chairman’s Trip to Bhutan Wraps Up

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