Teach in Bhutan – Application closes June 30th. One Month Left to Apply!

Deadline to apply to Teach in Bhutan is only one month away. Please see our website www.teachinbhutan.org or email teach@bhutancanada.org to learn more and apply!



  • Two-week orientation in the capital city, Thimphu
  • Support from both Toronto office and Bhutan field office
  • Mid-year retreat
  • Paid position, with an English curriculum
  • Local Bhutanese salary (more than enough to comfortably live in Bhutan)
  • Fascinating and unique culture that is extremely welcoming to foreigners
  • Accommodation, visas, work permit, flights are all secured with BCF’s staff
  • Bursaries, fundraising assistance and optional fundraising program to cover associated costs
  • Strong alumni network and pre-departure assistance with other teachers
  • Daily tariff is waived for all teachers
  • National curriculum, created in conjunction with Canadian consultants
  • Entire curriculum is online for access prior to arrival
  • Concept of Gross National Happiness is infused into the curriculum

Apply Today!

Apply Today to Teach in Bhutan

Applications to Teach in Bhutan open until June 30th!

Travel a world away. Make a world of difference. Teach in Bhutan.

Photo Credit: 2015 BCF Teachers

We are specifically looking for Elementary and Secondary Math, Science and English teachers as well as Special Education specialists to fill positions in public schools in rural Bhutan. No other language needed, as English is the language of instruction in Bhutan. Applicants must have a BEd, equivalent teaching certification, or proof of at least three years relevant teaching experience.

These year-long contracts are renewable up to five years and run from January to December. We are currently recruiting for the 2016 school year. Teachers receive a local salary and accommodation is secured prior to arrival. Please see our website www.teachinbhutan.org or email teach@bhutancanada.org to learn more.

This is an incredible opportunity to live and work in one of the most remote and untouched nations in the world as Bhutan moves towards an exciting and innovative transformation to a more interactive, thoughtful and participatory system of education.

Apply Today!

Apply to Teach in Bhutan!

Apply Today!

This is an incredible opportunity to live and work in one of the most remote and untouched nations in the world as Bhutan moves towards an exciting and innovative transformation to a more interactive, thoughtful and participatory system of education.


Top Five Reasons to Teach in Bhutan:

  • BCF teachers have the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of their students and be a part of the creation of a new system of education.
  • Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and remote reaches of the world; it is a destination that few are lucky enough to visit in their lifetime.
  • The Bhutanese are renowned for their hospitality and foreigners are welcomed into new communities with open arms.
  • As the world’s youngest democracy Bhutan is at an exciting moment in her history. BCF teachers will have the chance to witness Bhutan’s evolution first hand.
  • BCF teachers will gain valuable international experience which they can one day bring back to classrooms in their home country.

Please note: to officially apply to teach in Bhutan, you must fill out our online application at www.teachinbhutan.org/apply. We cannot accept resumes without a submitted application.

Should you have any questions about the recruitment process, please email teach@bhutancanada.org or call 647.233.6607.

Applications to teach in Bhutan are now OPEN!

Applications for the 2016 Bhutanese teaching season are now open!

BCF Reading Program

As a full-time paid international teacher, you have the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, explore, and expand your professional career in the Land of Happiness. It’s as simple as filling out our online application.

We are currently recruiting qualified teachers to fulfill minimum one-year contracts offered by the Ministry of Education in Bhutan. We’re looking for primary educators, and junior/secondary English, math, science, and special education specialists. Contracts begin January 2016!

Learn more and apply online at www.TeachInBhutan.org

Questions? Contact us at teach@bhutancanada.org

Happy Holidays from BCF!

All of us here at the Bhutan Canada Foundation wish everyone a happy holiday season! The BCF Toronto office will be closed December 24th – 28th and January 1st – 4th, to celebrate the holidays. In a months time our class of 2015 teachers will arrive in Bhutan. Make sure to keep up with the blog as we’ll be introducing the rest of the BCF teachers. We can’t wait for what lies ahead in the New Year!

Photo Credit: Tim Grossman
Photo Credit: Tim Grossman

Give the gift of education this holiday season! Support BCF.

Give the Gift of Education. Support BCF!

“My students are motivated, kind and hilarious. The belief in Bhutan is that education is the only way to improve one’s circumstance. My students’ kindness, respect and gratitude make my work worthwhile. Replicating their positive attitude helps me to notice the incredible beauty around me…If nothing else; my students have taught me the power of positive thinking and the need for great teachers in every school on Earth…”Mackenzie Walton Tsebar LSS, Pemagatshel

Diamond, Sarah - Boy Students

This year the Bhutan Canada Foundation celebrated its 5 th Anniversary in partnership with the people of Bhutan to cultivate English literacy and bring critical thinking and innovation to the forefront of educational practice. Since the launch of the Bhutan Canada Foundation in 2009, we have worked with the Ministry of Education in Bhutan to transform the standards of public education by sending 69 teachers to 39 distinct communities across the country.

Our teachers work alongside their local colleagues to improve literacy and encourage learning; working diligently with a team of educators that have provided 10,800 Bhutanese youth with the opportunity to achieve an education that might otherwise have been unattainable. Your donation will make an immediate difference in the lives of Bhutanese students!

In a few short weeks we will send a new group of teachers to Bhutan. This includes 17 new teachers, 1 returning alumni teacher and 4 teachers already in the field who are staying on for a second, third, or fourth year. We are excited to keep you updated on their progress as they get adjusted to their new schools and communities!


Welcome Class of 2015!

Welcome class of 2015!

The Bhutan Canada Foundation is happy to announce seventeen wonderful new teachers along with five renewals who will all be in Bhutan in January 2015!

That brings a total of 22 teachers who will bring their knowledge and experience to teach their awaiting Bhutanese students skills in Mathematics, Science, English, and other valuable life lessons. This year our teachers will be placed across 9 different Dzongkhags (Districts), Wangdue Phodrang, Mongar, Bumthang, Pemagatshel, Dagana, Punakha, Trashigang, Thimphu, Trashiyangste.

As in previous years we have teachers coming from a variety of nationalities and of various educational and professional backgrounds – all of whom are ready to take on the challenges and amazing opportunities that await them in Bhutan!

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing all of our teachers with their profile. Today we are pleased to introduce Megan Haskin who will be teaching English at Rangjung LSS in Trashigang!

Megan Haskin Photo

Megan is native born South African who is in love with food, nature, children and her husband! She first traveled to Thailand in 2011 and has been bitten by the travel bug ever since. She has since then traveled to Asia multiple times and just keeps coming back for more. Megan completed her Bachelor of Education and then went on to teach in her own country before deciding to move to Asia. Her hobbies include reading, writing, trail running, yoga and gardening – all of which she hopes to continue in Bhutan. Megan and her husband Dylan are looking forward to moving to Bhutan and cannot wait for their new adventure to begin! 

Welcome Megan and Dylan!

1 Week Left to Apply!

There is only one week left to apply to Teach In Bhutan. The deadline of July 31st is fast approaching so get those applications in!

Expereince breathtaking views

After you get that application in, you could be on to the next round of interviewing. Whatever your interview procedure, there are some key universal tips to keep in mind when applying to teach abroad – Recruitment Tips: Interview Prep

Apply Today!

Mid-Year Retreat!

Our 2014 teachers are eager to get back to their classrooms and students after spending their summer break in the East! Along with gathering in Trashigang for the annual BCF mid-year retreat, our teachers went off on adventures, exploring the magical eastern part of Bhutan.

Photo Credit: Justine Diver - Teachers on a Trek!
Photo Credit: Justine Diver – Teachers on a Trek!

“We were to be re-united with our fellow chillip (foreign) teachers at a ‘retreat’ in Bhutan’s mysterious east. According to my trusty Lonely Planet, Bhutan’s east is the most densely populated region but it is still the ‘hinterland’ and many tourists simply don’t make it out that far because of the time spent travelling on the long and winding roads…” – Paul Diver

Photo Credit; Justine Diver - BCF Teachers celebrating Canada Day
Photo Credit: Justine Diver – Celebrating Canada Day during the mid-year retreat.

See more photos and read about the Diver’s summer break on their blog: Summer Break in the East.

Only two weeks left to Apply to Teach in Bhutan for 2015!


School Development Project Update – Gonthung Greenhouse

The Teach in Bhutan program offers teachers more than just the opportunity to teach eager students in the Land of Happiness. It is also an opportunity to generate an even larger positive impact in the greater community!

Bhutanese village of Gongthung
Photo Credit: Warren Tanner

Warren Tanner has been teaching in the Bhutanese village of Gongthung for the past five months, busy with teaching a full schedule, making new friends, and learning a great deal about subsistence farming and the challenges faced by local farmers. Currently, 80% of the population relies on subsistence farming to support their families. However, the three-month growing season is not enough to meet the needs of those living in this school community.

In response to this reality, Warren has developed a plan to grant Gongthung Middle Secondary School and the greater community a Greenhouse! This project, in conjunction with The Bhutan Canada Foundation as part of our School Development Program, is generously supported (in-part) through The EuroCan Foundation.

Learn more about this exciting project at Gongthung’s Greenhouse – and stay tuned for updates!

Do you wish to make an impact in Bhutan? Apply today to Teach in Bhutan!