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There is only one week left to apply to Teach In Bhutan. The deadline of July 31st is fast approaching so get those applications in!

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After you get that application in, you could be on to the next round of interviewing. Whatever your interview procedure, there are some key universal tips to keep in mind when applying to teach abroad – Recruitment Tips: Interview Prep

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Seven Weeks Left to Apply to Teach in Bhutan!

This is a unique opportunity for qualified teachers to work in the Himalayan country of Bhutan; a country ruled by happiness, where culture and tradition are closely guarded, Buddhist values prevail and the majestic peaks of the Himalayas are part of every landscape!


Here are some of the most important qualities we look for in our candidates:

Resourcefulness: This is an important quality for teachers in that Bhutan is much different from your home-town. You must be able to cope with the day to day living in Bhutan as well as being resourceful in your new position!

Patience: Everything comes in baby steps; just remember that it will take time to become comfortable in your new surroundings.

Independence: Our teachers are very independent in their new living and teacher positions! You will have to develop lesson plans for your students so independence is key.

Adaptability: In Bhutan everything, whether it be the altitude, cold/heat extremes, limited food options, simple accommodation, power, internet and water outages, superstition, complacency, or six day work weeks, will be new and you will have to adapt to your surroundings.

A positive attitude: Living and teaching in Bhutan is an amazing and unique experience! If you keep a positive attitude you will be sure to succeed.

A sense of humour: Be able to laugh at yourself! This will be a learning process, not all lesson plans will go “according to plan”.

Flexibility: Be able to “go with the flow”. Day to day life and teaching in Bhutan is never the same each day. Along with adaptability you must be flexible with occurrences at school or at home.

Keep these qualities in mind when applying or even during your interviews to really wow us. If you have the required recommendations but show us that you have what it takes to teach in the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan you will be sure to succeed in the recruitment process!

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Teach in Bhutan – Webinar on May 29!

Join us in learning how you can be a part of the Bhutanese education system for the 2015 school year!


The Bhutan Canada Foundation will be hosting an online webinar where we will answer all your questions. From the application process, to curriculum, accommodations and finances, this informational session is the perfect chance for you to learn about Bhutan’s education system, and to interact and become informed on all aspects of this tremendous opportunity! Information session will be held Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

RSVP to teach@bhutancanada.org or register through this link  http://bit.ly/TeachBhutanMay29

We look forward to meeting with you! Apply today at Teach in Bhutan