Reasons to Teach in Bhutan!

Looking for another reason to Teach in Bhutan? We are loving this article by Intrepid Travel about reasons why Bhutan might be the most liveable country in the world! If you are interested in experiencing Bhutan, apply to Teach in Bhutan by March 31st!

Colourful festival in Bhutan

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Archers of Bhutan (now on Youtube)

Tshering Choden was Bhutan’s first female archery player to compete at the Summer Olympic games, a role model for many Bhutanese young girls.

In 2004, Holger Riedel (Compass-Film) flew to Bhutan to follow Tshering Choden while she was preparing for the Olympic games in Athens. Holger produced the documentary Bhutan Bogenschutz for Olympia with assistance from Bhutan+partners. An English version was later produced and is now available on Youtube. Enjoy!!

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Students learn to grow their own fresh food!

At the Lower Secondary School in Yurung, students are learning ways to grow and produce their own organic foods as part of the Agriculture Programme initiated into the school’s curriculum in 2002. Classes on Agricultural Gardening came under way through a joint initiative by two ministries of the Royal Government of Bhutan: Agriculture and Education.

Karma Yangzom, a student at Yurung LSS. Photo Credit: WFP/Angeli Mendoza

Students get to enjoy the food they so-carefully produce, as their fresh organic veggies accompany the three meals provided to the school by the World Food Programme and the Government.

“We have a very unique way of doing the agriculture programme here because our garden is shared with the community – so they come here, including some of the parents of our students, to learn the proper ways of farming and to work. Then whatever they harvest from their share of the plot, they sell to us for the school canteen to use,” – Yurung LSS’s Principal Ugyen Wangdi.

Photo Credit: World Food Programme

Learn more about Yurung’s Agriculture Programme at Bhutan: Children Learn To Grow Nutritious Food At School, Angeli Mendoza.

For more information on how Bhutan is working towards turning it’s agriculture fully organic, check out Organic Happenings in Bhutan!

Staff Profile: Kristen Scott

Kristen Scott, currently the Managing Director, North America, of The Bhutan Canada Foundation, joined the BCF Team in May 2010 as Program Manager. During her three years as part of the BCF Family, we’ve seen tremendous growth and mutual partnerships between Bhutan and Canada.

Under Kristen’s leadership, the Teach in Bhutan program grew from its first class of six teachers in 2010 to 20 teachers, currently in the field this year. Kristen travelled to Bhutan in April of 2011 for a cross-country tour, visiting our BCF teachers in each of their communities and in their schools. You can read about her adventures here at: Destination Druk Yul.

Kristen with BCF class

Based on this experience, Kristen wrote a story featured in Education Canada, about the experiences of teachers in the field and the education system in Bhutan, “Teaching in the Land of Happiness: The Canada-Bhutan Connection”.

A joint venture between The Bhutan Canada Foundation and Cushing Academy, Kristen had a hand in organizing the first “Educating for Sustainable Happiness” symposium, which took place in August 2012 and included numerous academics, organisations, educators, and subject matter experts. The symposium served as a meeting place to discuss current and future initiatives in progressive education, with a focus on the Bhutanese school system and Gross National Happiness as its incorporated into the curriculum.

Kristen in a KiraSince 2011, Kristen has also been involved with BCF’s school development program. The program gives BCF teachers  the opportunity to lead projects that meet the unique needs of their school communities. Past projects have included a library renovation and waste management initiatives.

Kristen actively worked in partnership and as a proud supporter of the Bhutan Dental Mission, an organisation that travels to Eastern Bhutan to provide vital dental services in rural communities.

Since 2010 BCF has also seen four Bhutanese high school students study abroad in Canada as part of our Student Scholar Program, in conjunction with Blyth Academy.


An invaluable part of the BCF Family and major contributor to Bhutan, Kristen is now heading to pursue a Masters in Public Administration at the American University, and will be moving to Washington, D.C. She will continue her work with The Bhutan Canada Foundation but we will certainly miss her presence in Toronto.

All the best to you Kristen!