Blog of the Week – A Day in My Life

Megan Haskin is currently teaching English at Rangjung LSS in Trashigang. Find out what an average day looks like for Megan in Bhutan.

“I feel grateful for how quickly I have adjusted and really feel that I have my new friends to thank for it! The staff and my principal are just so kind and friendly – they made me feel right at home on the first day…Right now I love eating Kewa Datsi, drinking large amounts of naja (milk tea), being extra social, walking everywhere I need to go and of course, I love teaching these precious children!”

 – BCF teacher Megan Haskin from her post A Day in my Life. 

Photo Credit: Megan Haskin - Megan and her students.
Photo Credit: Megan Haskin – Megan and her students.

Follow along at Megan’s blog The Haskin Journal!

Tour of the Dragon – Backpacker Films LLC

Production company Backpacker Films LLC was hired by His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel U. Wangchuck and the Bhutan Olympic Committee to film a commercial for the Tour of the Dragon. It’s one of the world’s most difficult one day mountain bicycling races. Riding 268 kilometres for at least 10 hours through the inner Himalayas, the Tour of the Dragon can show how beautiful and hard core mountain biking can really get. Check out this quick film and pass it on to some friends or family that may be interested in a race of a lifetime!

Applications to teach in Bhutan are now OPEN!

Applications for the 2016 Bhutanese teaching season are now open!

BCF Reading Program

As a full-time paid international teacher, you have the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn, explore, and expand your professional career in the Land of Happiness. It’s as simple as filling out our online application.

We are currently recruiting qualified teachers to fulfill minimum one-year contracts offered by the Ministry of Education in Bhutan. We’re looking for primary educators, and junior/secondary English, math, science, and special education specialists. Contracts begin January 2016!

Learn more and apply online at

Questions? Contact us at

IDI Symposium 2015 – Beyond GDP: Development Alternatives to Growth

Humber College will be holding a symposium on May 1, 2015, entitled “Beyond GDP: Development Alternatives to Growth”. The Honourable Jigmi Y. Thinley, the former Prime Minister of Bhutan, will be the keynote speaker.  Sam Blyth, the Honorary Consul General for the Kingdom of Bhutan in Canada, will also be participating in the symposium. We hope to see you there!


For more information and tickets to the event visit –> 2015 IDI Symposium

Blog of the Week – Home Sweet Home…

BCF teacher Sarah Barnett is settling in to teach English at Gongthung MSS in Trashigang. On her blog she writes about her adventure across the country to get to her placement and her first week upon arrival.

The next day we had more GNH training, which was really interesting to learn about. I have to say that I’m really fascinated by all of the beliefs and cultural systems that are going on here. I think that it’s really great to learn about it. I’m learning so much about everything here and I can’t wait for more. –  Home Sweet Home

Photo Credit: Sarah Barnett - Gongthung MSS
Photo Credit: Sarah Barnett – Gongthung MSS

Follow along at Flutjean2005 to learn more about Sarah’s year teaching in Bhutan.

Mountain Catwalk: Bhutan Street Fashion – BBC News

A sartorial look at Bhutan shows that appearance can reflect a changing nation. In this article from BBC News, former fashion student Karma Wangchuk shares colourful images from his Facebook page Bhutan Street Fashion.

Bhutan had a strict dress code during the 1990s. But now, one of the country’s most popular blogs regularly showcases how contact with the outside world, combined with a nostalgia for vintage looks, has created a unique street style – Mountain catwalk: Bhutan street fashion.

Photo Credit: Karma Wangchuk (Bhutan Street Fashion) - Sartorial Farmer
Photo Credit: Karma Wangchuk (Bhutan Street Fashion) – Sartorial farmer of Thimphu
Photo Credit: Karma Wangchuk (Bhutan Street Fashion) – A rural style in the city

A look at the changing style of Bhutan is a study in Bhutanese history. It is clear evidence of just how remote we have stayed and how crucial our traditional look is to our identity. But it also shows a changing Bhutan with more connections to the outside world.

Wherever I go, I have my camera with me and I always find reason to take photographs of people, what they are wearing and how they choose to express their personalities, culture and history. –  Karma Wangchuk (Bhutan Street Fashion)

Blog of the Week – Joe’s Journal

BCF teacher Fraser MacInnes, who is teaching English at Samey PS in Dagana, has started a blog while in Bhutan that is geared towards children and is told through the voice of Joe Crow.  Fraser’s blog is designed as a learning tool to inform children about a different culture and way of life.

Photo Credit: Fraser Macinnes - Fraser and Joe Crow!
Photo Credit: Fraser MacInnes – Fraser and Joe Crow
Photo Credit: Fraser MacInnes - Prayer Flags
Photo Credit: Fraser MacInnes – Prayer Flags

Follow along at Joe’s Journal, and be sure to check out more of our new teacher blogs:

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We Have Arrived – Dylan Haskin

Our class of 2015 teachers have been enjoying orientation in Thimphu and getting to know each other, but today they go their separate ways and begin the journey to their individual school placements. Check out this video of their arrival in Bhutan from Dylan Haskin, who is the husband to BCF teacher Megan Haskin.

Be sure to visit Dylan’s website Dylan Haskin Photography!

Blog of the Week – A New Beginning

Our Class of 2015 is in the midst of a two-week orientation and new BCF teacher Reese Ishmael writes about his first few days in Bhutan in his latest blog post A New Beginning.

Before I knew it, the flight attendant was announcing our descent. I looked out the window to find mountains everywhere. Above them were only a few small clouds speckling a vibrant field of cerulean. As we carved through the valleys houses and monasteries appeared on the sides of the mountains. I suddenly felt giddy. Looking over at Holly, I realized I wasn’t alone in my sentiment. The plane twisted and turned, expertly so, and before I knew it, we had touched down.

Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael

Photo Credits: Reese Ishmael
Photo Credits: Reese Ishmael

Keep up with Reese’s adventures in Bhutan on his blog Chillies and Dragons!