Dantak Open Mountain Bike Race – Congratulations to BCF teacher Holly

Congratulations to BCF teacher Holly Krasniuk who came third in the Dantak Open Mountain Bike Race in Bhutan. With her prize money she purchased a book for each child in her school from class PP to class 6, as well as extra resources for the school and supplies for the staff. Way to go Holly!

Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres - BCF teacher Holly
Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres – BCF teacher Holly

Check out more photos from the race taken by BCF teacher Megan Haskin’s husband Dylan Haskin!

-> Dantak Open MTB Race Summary.

Blog of the Week – Picasso in Bhutan

Megan Haskin is teaching English at Rangjung LSS in succession of BCF teacher Travis. Last year Travis started an Art Club and Megan has gladly stepped in to continue the clubs success!

I now have over 40 children in my club and although I thought it would be total chaos it is the total opposite. They listen to my every word and focus all of their attention when creating their art works. The first words that left my mouth on the first day was a reminder that in art there is no right or wrong, everyone is good at art and everyone is different. The more different your art is, the better. – Megan Haskin, Picasso in Bhutan

Photo credit: Megan Haskin - Students
Photo credit: Megan Haskin – Students
Photo Credit: Megan Haskin - Finished Picasso Portraits
Photo Credit: Megan Haskin – Finished Picasso Portraits

For more stories of her teaching adventures follow Megan’s blog thehaskinjournal!

Blog of the Week – Cat in Bhutan

Continuing with our introduction to new teacher blogs, we bring you BCF teacher Catherine’s blog Cat in BhutanCatherine is teaching English at Dechentsemo MSS in Punakha, and shares insights and photos from her time spent teaching and enjoying local holidays in Bhutan so far!

Photo Credit: Catherine O'Brien - BCF teachers Catherine and Sebastian, and friend.
Photo Credit: Catherine O’Brien – BCF teachers Catherine and Sebastian, and friend.
Photo Credit: Catherine O'Brien - Class 4A Students
Photo Credit: Catherine O’Brien – Class 4A Students

Although I’ve found my much-anticipated routine, small things continue to change. I wonder when, or if, I’ll ever feel totally settled. But then this is a process too, isn’t it? Patience, and finding peace in the process, will help me to continue to feel happy here. That, and the occasional glass of whisky with fellow teachers after school to take the edge off. – Catherine O’Brien: School

Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

The Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition is an annual flower exhibition held at the Ugyen Pelri Palace gardens in Paro during Paro Tshechu. Her Majesty Gyalyum Tshering Yangdon Wangchuck is the Royal Patron of the exhibition which is dedicated to the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo. The exhibition is open to the public and runs through to April 6th!

Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition

Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition 2

Also, don’t forget that 2015 has been declared Visit Bhutan Year so stay tuned for more exciting events!

Apply to Teach in Bhutan!

Apply Today!

This is an incredible opportunity to live and work in one of the most remote and untouched nations in the world as Bhutan moves towards an exciting and innovative transformation to a more interactive, thoughtful and participatory system of education.


Top Five Reasons to Teach in Bhutan:

  • BCF teachers have the opportunity to make a true difference in the lives of their students and be a part of the creation of a new system of education.
  • Nestled in the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the most beautiful and remote reaches of the world; it is a destination that few are lucky enough to visit in their lifetime.
  • The Bhutanese are renowned for their hospitality and foreigners are welcomed into new communities with open arms.
  • As the world’s youngest democracy Bhutan is at an exciting moment in her history. BCF teachers will have the chance to witness Bhutan’s evolution first hand.
  • BCF teachers will gain valuable international experience which they can one day bring back to classrooms in their home country.

Please note: to officially apply to teach in Bhutan, you must fill out our online application at www.teachinbhutan.org/apply. We cannot accept resumes without a submitted application.

Should you have any questions about the recruitment process, please email teach@bhutancanada.org or call 647.233.6607.

The Atlantic – A Virtual Drive Through Bhutan

Google’s Street View vans continue to cover countries around the world, allowing people to virtually go anywhere from their computer screens. Courtesy of Google’s Street View team, you can now take A Virtual Drive Through Bhutan. Click on the links in the captions so you can explore more on your own!

The Atlantic - Google Street View

Also check out The Atlantic’s photo essay A Trip to Bhutan for some stunning photographs of the Himalayan country.

Blog of the Week – Rooftop Madness

Reese Ishmael is teaching English at Mongar Lower Secondary School. See how Reese is acclimatizing to the frequent celebrations in Bhutan and the meaning of community in Mongar Dzongkhag.

Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael - View from Home.
Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael – View from Home.

“The clock ticks slowly here and no one ever seems to be in a hurry. People make impromptu plans as opposed to arranging in advance. Conversations last hours and afternoons turn into all-day events. My friend Yeshi insists this is the better way to live; enjoying the moment. I am sure I will warm to the process in time, but in the thick of my culture shock I find adjustments like these particularly difficult—perhaps more so here than any other country I’ve lived in because of its cultural richness.” -BCF teacher Reese Ishmael in his blog post Rooftop Madness

Follow along with Reese at his blog Chillies and Dragons!

The New York Times – Last-Ranked Bhutan Stuns Sri Lanka a Second Time

Congratulations to Bhutan’s national soccer team! On March seventeenth Bhutan won 2-1 against Sri Lanka, securing them a group stage spot in the Asian qualifications for the 2018 Soccer World Cup. This is Bhutan’s first victory in an international soccer play since 2008. Kharma Shedrup Tshering, the teams captain, exclaimed the joy of the win by exclaiming “We let them hear the roar of the Dragon.” Last-Ranked Bhutan Stuns Sri Lanka a Second Time.

Bhutan vs. Sri Lanka


Blog of the Week – A Day in My Life

Megan Haskin is currently teaching English at Rangjung LSS in Trashigang. Find out what an average day looks like for Megan in Bhutan.

“I feel grateful for how quickly I have adjusted and really feel that I have my new friends to thank for it! The staff and my principal are just so kind and friendly – they made me feel right at home on the first day…Right now I love eating Kewa Datsi, drinking large amounts of naja (milk tea), being extra social, walking everywhere I need to go and of course, I love teaching these precious children!”

 – BCF teacher Megan Haskin from her post A Day in my Life. 

Photo Credit: Megan Haskin - Megan and her students.
Photo Credit: Megan Haskin – Megan and her students.

Follow along at Megan’s blog The Haskin Journal!

Tour of the Dragon – Backpacker Films LLC

Production company Backpacker Films LLC was hired by His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel U. Wangchuck and the Bhutan Olympic Committee to film a commercial for the Tour of the Dragon. It’s one of the world’s most difficult one day mountain bicycling races. Riding 268 kilometres for at least 10 hours through the inner Himalayas, the Tour of the Dragon can show how beautiful and hard core mountain biking can really get. Check out this quick film and pass it on to some friends or family that may be interested in a race of a lifetime!