Women’s Trip

Looking for an exciting adventure? In March 2016, BCF will be taking a group of intrepid women travellers to Bhutan, and it will be a trip not to be missed.

Paro Tshechu

This ten-day trip will include hiking, white water rafting, private receptions, and unique access to historic sights. You will also have the special opportunity to meet with a current BCF teacher in their school, meet their students and see and hear about BCF’s work in Bhutan.

A highlight of the trip will include attending the  Paro Tshechu, an annual religious dance festival held to commemorate the life of Guru Padmasambhava. This festival is characterized by masked dancers in striking costumes, pictured below. This festival is an important religious and social gathering for the Bhutanese people, many of whom turn out in their finest clothes and jewellery.

downloadFurther, our hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, Bhutan’s most revered temple will be a day unlike any other. The temple is perched on a rocky cliff above the Paro Valley.
The program fee per person is $5,900 and included in this cost is return airfare into and out of Paro International Airport, all meals and accommodations, visa and government tariff costs, as well as our private driver and professional guide.

Filled with amazing views, wonderful food, and unique experiences, BCF is certain that this trip will create memories to last a lifetime. We will be arranging a group airfare fate from Toronto to Vancouver to Bangkok, and there will be an optional 2-night stay in Bangkok to allow participants to “get over” their jet lag. With an exclusive group of only 15 women, this trip is filling up fast, and we encourage you to reserve your spot soon.

Click here for a detailed itinerary. To reserve your spot, please contact Andrea Geddes Poole at andrea@bhutancanada.org or call (647) 233 – 6607.

Lynne’s Solar Lights Project

One of our teachers Lynne Maher worked on a solar lights project in her community in Bhutan. These are useful for when there are power outages and students want to study after sun down. The photo posted below was taken after dark with only the solar lights brightening the Multipurpose hall! How cool is that?! Our teachers are doing pretty amazing things in Bhutan and we are proud of all of them. Way to go Lynne! 

The project could not have happened without support of the EuroCan Foundation, Peter Wall, Fin McShane, Marc & Susan Duldig, Barb McQueen, Kristina Brown, Tina Maher, Deidree McMaster and Peter Shanks, Maryanne Peebles,Michael Moon, Susan Ballard, Benita Vincent, Kate Wagner, Chris Scarr, Andrew & Lynne Morrison,Kayleen Dunn, Cathy Gill and the the support staff of Kheni LSS who installed the lights. And, of course Principal Gyelpo Sherpa, Sir, who supported the project. 


Have you ever heard of a Puja? Well, a Puja is an expressions of “honour, worship and devotional attention”. Current BCF Teacher Catherine O’Brien describes her time at the annual Puja with members of her community. Sit tight because she tells stories of drinking from human skulls and watching cow skin dry! Catherine ties her Puja experience back to the experience of Thanksgiving. Reminding us all that while cultures are very different we all are human beings and community, celebration and thankfulness are at the roots of all cultures. Read more about her time here: Cat In Bhutan

Blog of the Week – Teacher Abroad: Reese Ishmael

Current BCF teacher Megan Haskin has a series on her fantastic blog Korbay Delay that profiles teachers now teaching abroad. Her most recent feature was of Reese Ishmael, another BCF teacher in Bhutan. Check out the interview at Teacher Abroad: Reese Ishmael.

Mongar LSS, Mongar.
Mongar LSS, Mongar.

“My life here is rather simple, just as I imagined it would be. The community is close and kind, eager to help and compassionate in every sense of the word. People here don’t sweat the small stuff and speak their minds freely. Time works on a completely different scale, too—affectionately referred to by locals as BST (Bhutan Stretchable Time). I spend my free hours writing or taking hikes, eating with friends, or participating in social gatherings. I like to walk into town from time to time to pick up vegetables from the market or just meander and people watch. On the odd holiday I will catch a ride with someone to see neighboring provinces, fulfilling my need for adventure. It certainly took some time to adapt to things, but now that I am familiar with it all, I have really come to appreciate it.”

Bhutan’s Institute of Language and Culture Studies – Vacancy Announcement

Bhutan’s Institute of Language and Culture Studies, a college of the Royal University of Bhutan, welcomes applications for 2 English instructor positions: one begins in July 2015, and the other in February 2016. An MA is required, but there is no age limit for foreign lecturers.

Learn more here:Vacancy-Announcement-2015

BBC News – Bhutan breaks Guinness record for tree planting

A team of 100 volunteers in Bhutan has set a new world record by planting 49,672 trees in one hour. The BBC reports that Bhutan’s planters gathered in the capital of Thimphu for their feat, which Guinness World Records confirmed. Bravo Bhutan and all of the planters, what a great way to show commitment to the environment on social forestry day!

Photo Credit: @wangdibumthap - Tree Planting Volunteers
Photo Credit: @wangdibumthap – Tree Planting Volunteers

Teach in Bhutan – Application closes June 30th. One Month Left to Apply!

Deadline to apply to Teach in Bhutan is only one month away. Please see our website www.teachinbhutan.org or email teach@bhutancanada.org to learn more and apply!



  • Two-week orientation in the capital city, Thimphu
  • Support from both Toronto office and Bhutan field office
  • Mid-year retreat
  • Paid position, with an English curriculum
  • Local Bhutanese salary (more than enough to comfortably live in Bhutan)
  • Fascinating and unique culture that is extremely welcoming to foreigners
  • Accommodation, visas, work permit, flights are all secured with BCF’s staff
  • Bursaries, fundraising assistance and optional fundraising program to cover associated costs
  • Strong alumni network and pre-departure assistance with other teachers
  • Daily tariff is waived for all teachers
  • National curriculum, created in conjunction with Canadian consultants
  • Entire curriculum is online for access prior to arrival
  • Concept of Gross National Happiness is infused into the curriculum

Apply Today!

Bhutan Photo Campaign

The Tourism Council of Bhutan is dedicating a Photo Campaign to the 4th King His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck for giving the Kingdom of Bhutan the opportunity to pursue their own path to happiness. The Bhutan Photo Campaign is a creative and fun way to allow everyone to define happiness through photographs. Anyone can submit photos taken both inside and outside of Bhutan.

Bhutan Photo Campaign

To take part:

  • You must register with a valid email address
  • The photograph size should not exceed 8 MB and should be at least 800X500 pixel
  • Tagline should not have more than 40 characters
  • The photograph must be free from any text or watermark. The photograph should not include the email address, website address or name of any individual(s)

Learn more about the photo campaign and register to enter! –> Bhutan Photo Campaign.

Apply Today to Teach in Bhutan

Applications to Teach in Bhutan open until June 30th!

Travel a world away. Make a world of difference. Teach in Bhutan.

Photo Credit: 2015 BCF Teachers

We are specifically looking for Elementary and Secondary Math, Science and English teachers as well as Special Education specialists to fill positions in public schools in rural Bhutan. No other language needed, as English is the language of instruction in Bhutan. Applicants must have a BEd, equivalent teaching certification, or proof of at least three years relevant teaching experience.

These year-long contracts are renewable up to five years and run from January to December. We are currently recruiting for the 2016 school year. Teachers receive a local salary and accommodation is secured prior to arrival. Please see our website www.teachinbhutan.org or email teach@bhutancanada.org to learn more.

This is an incredible opportunity to live and work in one of the most remote and untouched nations in the world as Bhutan moves towards an exciting and innovative transformation to a more interactive, thoughtful and participatory system of education.

Apply Today!