Short Documentary – Made In Bhutan

Initiated by the Loden Foundation, Made In Bhutan is a short documentary portraying the recent emergence of entrepreneurship in Bhutan. Campaign Director Hirondelle Chatelard travelled the kingdom with a Bhutanese film crew, meeting and interviewing entrepreneurs and key individuals. We posted the teaser in May and now in the hopes to inspire as many young people as possible, Made In Bhutan was officially released in Thimphu in November 2013 and continues to be shown all over Bhutan! Additionally, the Loden Foundation is working towards setting up many screenings outside of the country.

To learn more, visit and for updated news and information, check out their facebook page.

Also visit Bhutan’s Green Initiative, to learn more about one of the individual entrepreneurial projects.

Bhutan Video Vault – Made in Bhutan

Here’s another short documentary teaser to be added to the Bhutan Video Vault! Made in Bhutan is a short documentary created after campaign director Hirondelle Chatelard travelled to Bhutan to promote local entrepreneurship by featuring local entrepreneurs. As Hirondelle mentions “For many, Bhutan is known as the kingdom of happiness, a beautiful and harmonious haven between nature, religion and its people.” But it is important to note the importance of buying local for continued economic prosperity.

For more information visit Creative Roots to discover the documentary and to see some amazing posters for the film!

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TED Talks: Measuring what makes life worthwhile

In 1972, the 17-year old King of Bhutan asked the blasphemous question, “Why are we so focused on Gross Domestic Product? Why aren’t we more concerned with Gross National Happiness?” For nearly 40 years now, Bhutan has been reinventing itself based upon the premise that the ultimate public good a leader can provide his or her people isn’t material possessions, but instead it’s happiness or well-being. – Chip Conley, What Business Leaders Can Learn From Bhutan (Huffington Post)Hotelier Chip Conley went in search of a business model based on happiness. In an old friendship with an employee and in the wisdom of a Buddhist king, he learned that success comes from what you count.

Video Bhutan: Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon – Charles Lanceplaine

“Known to the world as the happiest place on earth, I got the chance to spend one month working in this beautiful and mysterious country. During that time I managed to go around and capture some of the most breathtaking landscapes the kingdom has to offer.” – Charles Lanceplaine
Filmed & Edited by Charles Lanceplaine
Music by Hamacide – “Flowers In Rain Water featuring Pei Pei”
Illustrations by
Special thanks to Khampa Tshering, Singye Wangchuk and Pasang Rigsel Dorji

Video – Druk Air soars

Flying Druk Air into Paro airport is always an amazing experience as it is situated in a deep valley over 7000feet above sea level. On a clear day, Druk Air offers an unrivalled view of some of the highest mountains on earth as you soar through the serene Himalayan mountain ranges.

Our teachers always find this a wonderful introduction to Bhutan and they’re currently experiencing this right now as they fly from Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Singapore this week to begin their new adventure!

Watch a Video on Druk Air at Singapore-Bhutan air traffic soars

“Visiting the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, home to centuries-old temple fortresses and holy Buddhist shrines, has never been more convenient for Singaporeans. A new direct flight which opened this September has proven popular enough that Bhutan’s national airline, Druk Air, will be increasing its flights to the Lion City. Jeremy Lim was in both countries to bring you this video report.”

Bhutan Video Vault: The Art of Weaving

Today we’d like to spotlight a traditional component of Bhutanese culture – the art of weaving.

Weaving is held in high esteem in all of Bhutan and carries special social significance. Taking root in a rural and rustic setting, a uniquely rich tradition of weaving has evolved over time. In Bhutan, weaving is considered a special skill identified in women and is handed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, from family to family.

Weaving in Bhutan is today an art form that is representative of the very heart and soul of the country. Fabrics fashioned in the looms, a veritable feast of magical colors and intricate designs and patterns, are symbolic of the Bhutanese society. As seamlessly as the act of weaving itself is accomplished, the textiles that are created constitute an integral mesh in the tapestry of Bhutanese life.

Apart from the family’s clothing needs, handwoven fabrics are also tasteful gifts on special occasions such as marriages and job promotions. The best of these are also traded in the same way as gold and land. Families pass down exquisite pieces to successive generations as heirlooms and keepsakes that can be traded in times of economic hardship or preserved as investment. Once an economic force, the gift of woven fabrics has today become an important custom. A proud tradition that is prevalent across Bhutan and carries on through the fingers of generations of women.


Thank You Natalie!

Natalie Charlton is one of several university lecturers working in Bhutan in 2011. She is almost at the end of her time in Bhutan and we wanted to say THANK YOU to Natalie for all her hard work at Paro College of Education!

When we visited her in Bhutan, Natalie was nice enough to sit down for an interview and tell us about a typical day in Paro. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Bartsham

We took a lot of video while we were in Bhutan. A lot. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to upload anything as we went along because we just didn’t have the bandwidth. Actually, we tried once but when the YouTube upload notification said “677 minutes remaining” we decided we would just have to wait until we were back home.

This video is from a lovely day spent in Bartsham, where Shauna and Julian are placed.