Class of 2015 Profile: Kirsten Scott

Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce to you to our final new BCF teacher Kirsten Scott! Kirsten is a fellow Canadian and will be teaching English at Bidung LSS in Trashigang. Along with our 16 new teachers this year we have 4 returning teachers Ashley Lenzen, Wendy Max, Scott Harris and Tim Grossman. We can’t wait for everyone to arrive in Bhutan and stay tuned for updates on orientation!

Kirsten Scott Photo

Kirsten is from Toronto, Canada and has been living in New Zealand and Australia since graduating from her Concurrent Education program in 2013. She is passionate about travelling, hiking, reading and teaching. She is excited and feels very privileged to be able to incorporate all – and being her teaching career – in Bhutan.

Welcome Kirsten and entire class of 2015!

Class of 2015 Profile: Holly Krasniuk

We are pleased to introduce fellow Canadian and new BCF teacher Holly Krasniuk. Holly will be teaching English at Samtengang PS in Wangdue Phodrang.

Holly Krasniuk

Holly Krasnuik was raised in Edgewater BC; a rural community nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Here her supportive family exposed her to environmental education, and she developed a true passion and love for nature, adventure and culture. Keen to share these passions, she moved to Victoria B.C where she completed her Bachelors of Education.

Holly has since embraced coastal life and can most often be found riding her bike, teaching bike repair classes, coaching mountain biking or adventuring into the unknown.
Teaching in Bhutan has been a lifelong dream for Holly, and she is excited to contribute to the educational community of Bhutan.

Welcome Holly!

Class of 2015 Profile: Nakita Singh

We are pleased to introduce another new BCF teacher joining our class of 2015 Nakita Singh. She will be heading to Khidheykhar MSS in Mongar to teach English!

Nikita Singh

Nakita’s interests in travel and teaching were cultivated at a young age. Since then she has completed a degree in International Education, studied in Japan and taught in the Netherlands, Tunisia and in her home county, the UK, as well as exploring other cultures around the world. She is looking forward to finally being immersed in nature and educational development in Asia whilst continuing to enjoy learning in all areas of life. Nakita’s interests in mindfulness, community and growth have led her on this path to the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan and she is excited to embrace all opportunities!

Excited to have you on board Nakita!

Class of 2015 Profile: Alex Rothman

With less than three weeks to go before our Class of 2015 arrives in Thimphu, we’re excited to introduce another passionate and engaged educator, Alex Rothman, who will be heading to Drujeygang HSS in Dagana to teach English.

Alex Rothman

Alex Rothman is from Wanganui, a small town in provincial New Zealand. After spending a year in North Yorkshire Alex lived in Wellington, the ‘coolest little capital’ in the world’, first studying and then working. Alex has taught English and Social Studies for two years before coming to Bhutan.

Welcome Alex!

Class of 2015 Profile: Judy Byrne

Happy New Year! Wishing  everyone a happy and healthy year ahead.  We are excited about the year 2015, and part of our excitement is due to all of our new and returning teachers. Today we would like to introduce you to new BCF teacher Judy Byrne. Judy will be teaching English at Bartsam PS in Trashigang.


Irish-born, nature-loving, life-long learner, Judy Byrne believes if she’s not living on the edge she’s taking up too much space. Just when her two great children have moved into their adult life and all is well, she is ready for new growth and meaning. When she is not hiking, biking, paddling or playing Scrabble, Judy teaches French and German at a girls’ school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about language and is giving Dzongkha her best shot.

She is honoured to have been chosen as a 2015 BCF teacher and is looking forward to her work and her new friends in Bhutan.

Kuzuzangpola Judy!

Class of 2015 Profile: Catherine O’Brien

Introducing new BCF teacher Catherine O’Brien! Catherine will be teaching English at Dechentsemo MSS in Punakha.

Catherine O'Brien

Catherine was born and raised in Michigan before attending Loyola University of Chicago for her undergraduate degree. In the spring of 2014 she attained a B.A. in English, B.S. in Secondary Education, and a minor in ESL. Catherine completed her student teaching in a Chicago Public high school, and has spent the first few months since graduation substitute teaching in her hometown in Michigan. Catherine has a love for good literature, good food, and good traveling. The unique Buddhist culture and landscape of Bhutan fueled her fire to pursue a teaching position in the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Welcome Catherine!

Class of 2015 Profile: Fraser MacInnes

Continuing on with our introductions of the Class of 2015, we are happy to introduce Fraser MacInnes! Fraser will be teaching English at Samey PS in Dagana.


Fraser is a 27 year old teacher and currently resides in the sunny seaside town of Eastbourne in Sussex, England. He has 3 years experience as a Key Stage 1 (lower primary) teacher and prior to this was working in special educational needs.

Fraser absolutely loves working with children. He feels that the job is always challenging, thought-provoking and consistently inspiring, but above all a heck of a lot of fun. When it goes well, there is no better feeling!

Before becoming a teacher Fraser studied International Development, and has retained a keen interest in development issues. Fraser has previously volunteered in Uganda on community projects and administration, and has always wished to provide what select skills he has in places that most need them. However, in a ‘less altruistic’ sense, he also wants to work in Bhutan for personal reasons. Fraser is fascinated by Buddhist culture and traditions, and his limited experience in that part of the world filled him with an enormous sense of peace and contentment. He feels that to immerse himself in that for a year is, at the same time, a daunting and powerfully exciting opportunity.

Excited to have you on board Fraser!

Class of 2015 Profile: Adam Campbell

We are happy to introduce you to a new adventurous BCF teacher Adam Campbell. Adam will be teaching Science at Pemagatsel MSS in Pemagatshel!

Adam Campbell Photo

In 2012, Adam accepted a job as an Earth Science and Algebra teacher at an inner-city high school in Detroit, Michigan with the Education Achievement Authority (EAA). Prior to teaching in Detroit, Adam taught in Western Washington where he worked in a post-graduation transition program for young adults with special needs. In 2010 he was accepted as a Clinton Fellow with the American India Foundation and spent 1 year working on vocational education projects in rural and urban areas of West Bengal. As a teacher he is guided by the philosophy that ALL children deserve an excelent education. He strives to engage students by making his classroom an exciting place to learn!

Welcome Adam! 

Class of 2014 Profile: Jessica Carreon

Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce to you to our final new BCF teacher Jessica Carreon! Jessica will be teaching English at Dechentsemo Middle Secondary School in Punakha.

Carreon, Jessica - Photo

Jessica is a bi-cultural teacher from Mexico City. She has lived many years in the United States, along with her immediate family. Jessica graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in Latin American History. She wanted to see the world that she had for so long read about therefore a career in ESL teaching became the most evident path. Jessica has taught in Mexico for over 3 years and her desire to see and experience the most remote areas of the world has continued to grow. She hopes to learn a lot during her year in Bhutan!

Welcome Jessica and the entire Class of 2014!

Class of 2014 Profile: Travis Dewan

The BCF class of 2014 is welcoming more Australians than ever before! Five Australian teachers will be joining our six Canadians, 10 Americans, as well as one British, one Singaporean, and one Mexican teacher to make the upcoming Bhutanese school year the most diverse and exciting!

Australian educator, Travis Dewan will be heading to Rangjung LSS in Trashigang.

Dewan, Travis - Bio. Photo

Travis was born and raised in sunny Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. After graduating with a double degree of Creative Industries (Visual Art) and Secondary Education, Travis continued to pursue both of these passions locally and internationally.

Travis has taught ESL in Japan and worked in both rural and urban schools throughout Queensland. In 2012, Travis taught at an Indigenous boarding school, where he worked with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Papua New Guinea students. He has participated in a volunteer work program in rural Fiji, where he led a group of Australian students to help build better living standards for a village community. He has worked as a youth program officer at a community club, where he worked specifically with boys in challenged-based learning programs and most recently, has been working as a visual art specialist teacher in primary schools.

While teaching, Travis is also engaged in visual art practice and arts management. He is the founder of artist-run initiative ‘Vegas Spray’ and is the artistic director of Brisbane Emerging Art Festival, BNE ART, The Sister-City Artist Residency Program and Papergirl Brisbane. He has been part of many art exhibitions in Australia and has also participated in artist residencies in Slovenia and China. Travis is passionate about Brisbane’s creative culture and works towards shaping new ways in which the arts are accessed, viewed and shared.

Travis was brought up in a rich multi-cultural family consisting of Anglo-Indian and Fijian-Indian heritage. Because of this, he has continued to be interested in travelling the world and exploring its diverse culture and people.

Welcome Travis!