Learn about Ann’s life in the field

Read Ann’s blog Ann’s Adventures to get an idea about what life is like Eastern Bhutan. Originally from Ontario Ann has spent the past year developing a Special Education program in Mongar in Eastern Bhutan. She has conducted workshops for parents of special needs children and has even done traveling workshops in remote communities.

“A very interesting aspect of conducting parent workshops here, is that one must plan two versions, one for the “English literate” group, which makes up about one third of the parents, and another for the non-English speaking illiterate group. All of the parents sign-in upon arrival, and the latter group signs in with their thumbprints. It was amazing to hear Yeshey’s observations about this group. After the spring workshop, she walked home with a few of the women who live in her village, and they were flushed with excitement. They said it was the first time they had ever held a pencil!! A couple of the women were inspired to learn more, and said they would get their children to teach them to read and write.”