Blog of the Week – an auspicious year to tear down houses

Interested in a typical day in the life of a BCF teacher? Learn from Sarah’s wonderful account of her day to day, including waking up before 7, sharing kitchen scraps with cows, enjoying life with friends and colleagues, and longing for real coffee.

Diamond, Sarah - College House

There’s something ever so satisfying about putting effort into everyday basic activities that I take for absolute granted back home. I love that I make my shower and literally wash my laundry. I love that I know which garden everything in my kitchen comes from. I go to sleep on Sundays feeling satisfied. Thinking back to my life I know all too well and that I left back home, and how I’ve adapted to this completely foreign simplistic new life in ways I never thought imaginable, bring a smile to my face.

Some days I do long for my fancy espressos and hot showers, but this is how I have chosen to live. I strongly believe that anyone can live anywhere. And that’s pretty cool to be able to slide right into another life just like that last piece of a puzzle. And so here I sit on my mat outside my house, gazing out into the himalayas, watching my bucket laundry dry, as I slip into this alternate, beautifully seductive world.

Read Sarah’s full account at “Next year is an auspicious year to tear down houses.”

Blog of the Week – an auspicious year to tear down houses

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2 thoughts on “Blog of the Week – an auspicious year to tear down houses

  1. Just turned tv on to hgtv a family whos mother has taken a job teaching there and their hunt for a home…i fell in love just watching a few minutes of the a caregiver to my momma now but have a degree in education and a masters in arts across curriculum…I feel art crosses all barriers and along with my husbands experience in human service and working with children we would love to know more abt this program to help plan for our future. Thank u so much..J

    1. Hi Judy, glad to hear you enjoyed the show! It was a lovely experience and we were happy to be able to showcase the beauty and wonder of Bhutan and the adventure of one of our teachers and her family. I will send you a direct email about our Teach in Bhutan program but please feel free to visit to learn more. We do recruit qualified teachers every year to teach in the remote regions of Bhutan for minimum one-year contracts within the public school system. We’d love to see you and your husband join us in the future!

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