Blog of the Week – The Dzongs of Bhutan

Dzongs are a distinctive type of fortress architecture found all over Bhutan. These ancient structures serve as the religious, military, administrative, and social centers of their district. BCF teacher Vicky Chartres has shared incredible photos of a few of the Dzongs she has been able to view and explore in her post Dzongs of Bhutan.

“We feel privileged to have been able to see so many of these ancient monuments and at different times, festivals, seasons and even historic moments. This is a photographic showcase of the stunning architecture, of what I consider to be Bhutan’s most distinctive manmade structure.” – Vicky Chartres

Chartres, Vicky - Trashigang Dzong
Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres – Trashigang Dzong
Chartres, Vicky - Punakha Dzong
Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres – Punakha Dzong

“Many if not all, were constructed of wood, stones and rammed earth in the 17th century. The inside of each, is as distinctive as the exterior and the location in which it has been placed. There are similarities, which make even a novice like me certain of when I am looking at one or the ruins of one. There are courtyards and three storied towers, high walls and intricately carved and painted woodwork and steep ladder-like stairs with banisters smooth as silk with a shining patina created by the thousand of hands that have slid over them for centuries. To stand inside one for the first time is a magical moment. .” – Vicky Chartres

Check out Vicky’s blog In The Shadow of the Mountains and for more information on the districts and Dzongs in Bhutan check out our Spotlight on the Districts Series!

Blog of the Week – The Dzongs of Bhutan

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