Blog of the Week – Purifying the School

Rimdro is a very common ceremony in Bhutan and is used as a means of cleansing a place and chasing away evil spirits. BCF teacher Vicky Chartres recently took part in the purification ritual at her school Samtengang MSS, and wrote about the experience, featured as our blog of the week ->  Dispelling demons and purifying the school.

“This was not the first Rimdro I have been a part of but it did begin in a way I have never witnessed before.”

Chartres, Vicky - Rimdro3

“When the ceremonies got underway I was warned that there would be loud shouting and whistling to frighten demons and sure enough boarder boys appeared as if from nowhere and the noise was deafening. Soon enough my colleague was once again whispering in my ear that there would be fire and sure enough 2 masked monks appeared and performed dances brandishing flaming torches.”

Chartres, Vicky - Rimdro2

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Blog of the Week – Purifying the School

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