Blog of the Week – Bhutan Through a Lens

Today’s blog of the week comes from Colin Johnston from Yadhi Higher Secondary School in Mongar Dzongkhag. Colin’s blogs have beautiful photos and interesting stories of his time in Bhutan, including an interesting anecdote from this past weekend about swimming in Bhutan with students from Yadhi HSS! 

Swimming with Students, Photo Credit: Colin 

They were all excited to see me and asked what I was doing, I told them I was trying to find somewhere to swim. This being Bhutan, they all immediately stopped work and offered to not only show me where to swim but also go swimming with me. We walked through a few more dry paddy fields through a small wooded area over some rocks to a part of the river that had formed a natural pool. On the far side of this natural swimming pool was a sheer cliff a few hundred meters high, up and down river the water cascaded over boulders. The boys all immediately jumped in and I followed, although not hot, the water was surprisingly warm. They found is hilarious when I floated on my back and, despite trying, they could not copy me. –From Swimming 

Lunch with Bhutanese grandparents, Photo Credit: Colin 

Colin’s encounter also featured a meet and greet with some of the students’ grandparents, in which he shared lunch with the family:  It was a real honour to be sitting with the family sharing a small part of their lives. Their lives were clearly hard work; you could see it in the wrinkles of the grandparents faces and the cuts on their arms. But they were happy and they were content. They had found their own little bit of paradise. And I was lucky enough to glimpse it. -From Swimming Part 2 (now with snakes)

For more stories from Colin’s blog, visit Bhutan through a lens, a British science teacher living in Bhutan. 

Blog of the Week – Bhutan Through a Lens

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