BLOG OF THE WEEK: Highlighted School Events

Tashi Delek! Check out Reese Ishmael, a 2014-2015 BCF teacher Slideshow of the highlighted events at Mongar Lower Secondary School! Events like the annual marathon, school Rimdro, sport tournaments, school picnic and more bring the MLSS, (Mongar Lower Secondary School) community together.


Have you ever heard of a Puja? Well, a Puja is an expressions of “honour, worship and devotional attention”. Current BCF Teacher Catherine O’Brien describes her time at the annual Puja with members of her community. Sit tight because she

Teach in Bhutan – Application closes June 30th. One Month Left to Apply!

Deadline to apply to Teach in Bhutan is only one month away. Please see our website or email to learn more and apply! PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Two-week orientation in the capital city, Thimphu Support from both Toronto office and Bhutan field