3 Days Left – Apply to Teach in Bhutan Today!

“I have never been more awed than when I first took in the daily assembly at my school. Students were reporting for the first time that morning, and they lined up in perfectly straight rows by class and section with seemingly no instruction. As the assembly began, they fell silent. Student captains led the student body in their morning chanting. Perfectly in unison, the deep baritone of the older boys and the soft, melodic tones of the girls blended together in perfect harmony and filled the space between us and the mountains….It was a deeply spiritual, perfectly beautiful moment that has become one of my favourite parts of each day.” – Ashley Lenzen

Photo Credit: Vicky Chartre

Applications for the 2015 Bhutanese teaching season will be ending in 3 days on July 31st, 2014 – Apply Today!


3 Days Left – Apply to Teach in Bhutan Today!

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