Meet the Class of 2016!

Teach In Bhutan’s Class of 2016 arrived in Bhutan in January, and they are just settling into their new homes and classrooms. We would love to tell you about how wonderful they are, but we are going to let them introduce themselves!

Front Row (left to right): Sonam Choki (Ministry of Education), Valerie Ball, Meena Subba (Bhutan Canada), Laura Jenkins, Madame Secretary Aum Sangay Zam (Ministry of Education), Nancy Strickland (Bhutan Canada)
Back Row: (Left to Right): Sean Cafferty, James Dove, Tim McFarland, Josh Cook

James Dover

Teacher James Dover

My name is James and I am a 25 years old. I am tall and skinny with brown hair and brown eyes. I live in Vancouver, Canada and teach grade 5 and 6 French. I enjoy traveling to new places and exploring the outdoors. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, biking and swimming in the ocean. When I’m not outside I like listening to music and watching movies with my friends. I am a linguist who speaks French, German and some basic Spanish. I am excited to learn about the Bhutanese culture and I hope to learn some words in Sharchop.

Laura Jenkins

Teacher - Laura

Born and raised in the southeastern United States, I am anything but a typical Georgia Peach. I consider my greatest accomplishment to be my two children, who have grown into fine young adults. I was a classroom teacher for 11 years, a school counselor for 7 years, an assistant principal for 1, and a principal for 9 years. Now, after a lifetime of service to the public school system in the state of Georgia, I am ready for the next phase of service. I have always loved to travel, and have always wanted to teach overseas after retiring from the school system. I am so excited and so very passionate about helping children on their life’s journey.

Joshua Cook

Teacher - Josh Cook

I grew up in Colorado, U.S.A. I am a teacher who is passionate about developing culturally responsive and progressive pedagogy that serves all students. I am also an avid rock climber that loves spending time in the mountains. I have an M.A. in English Education, and has taught in Peru, Japan, and most recently in my home city of Denver. I am very excited to continue my international adventures in Bhutan, a country I have dreamed of living in for many years now.

We hope to share with you more stories from the class of 2016! Stay tuned!

Apply to Teach in Bhutan now!

BCF is looking for qualified teachers to teach in Bhutan starting in January 2017.

The Bhutan Canada Foundation works in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Bhutan to send highly qualified English-speaking teachers to teach in public schools across the country. BCF teachers support the further improvement of the Bhutanese6jOTHwOyWd-Vdp4YVCZ3uEY2PWhw7soO5TsW9ketyg4 education system by modelling innovative teaching techniques, providing professional development to colleagues and encouraging the development of spoken and written English.

Since January 2010, BCF has sent a total of 89 teachers to 39 different communities across Bhutan. These teachers have had a direct impact on the lives of over 20,800 Bhutanese students.

In order to qualify to participate in the Teach in Bhutan program you need to be a native English speaker (one’s first language – “mother tongue” – must be English).  In addition, individuals need to:

  1. possess a degree in either Education or in the subject you wish to teach (eg., English, Maths)
  2.  have at least three years of relevant classroom experience.

The deadline to apply is March 31, 2016.  Apply today at