Lynne’s Solar Lights Project

One of our teachers Lynne Maher worked on a solar lights project in her community in Bhutan. These are useful for when there are power outages and students want to study after sun down. The photo posted below was taken after dark with only the solar lights brightening the Multipurpose hall! How cool is that?! Our teachers are doing pretty amazing things in Bhutan and we are proud of all of them. Way to go Lynne! 

The project could not have happened without support of the EuroCan Foundation, Peter Wall, Fin McShane, Marc & Susan Duldig, Barb McQueen, Kristina Brown, Tina Maher, Deidree McMaster and Peter Shanks, Maryanne Peebles,Michael Moon, Susan Ballard, Benita Vincent, Kate Wagner, Chris Scarr, Andrew & Lynne Morrison,Kayleen Dunn, Cathy Gill and the the support staff of Kheni LSS who installed the lights. And, of course Principal Gyelpo Sherpa, Sir, who supported the project. 


Have you ever heard of a Puja? Well, a Puja is an expressions of “honour, worship and devotional attention”. Current BCF Teacher Catherine O’Brien describes her time at the annual Puja with members of her community. Sit tight because she tells stories of drinking from human skulls and watching cow skin dry! Catherine ties her Puja experience back to the experience of Thanksgiving. Reminding us all that while cultures are very different we all are human beings and community, celebration and thankfulness are at the roots of all cultures. Read more about her time here: Cat In Bhutan