Blog of the Week – A New Beginning

Our Class of 2015 is in the midst of a two-week orientation and new BCF teacher Reese Ishmael writes about his first few days in Bhutan in his latest blog post A New Beginning.

Before I knew it, the flight attendant was announcing our descent. I looked out the window to find mountains everywhere. Above them were only a few small clouds speckling a vibrant field of cerulean. As we carved through the valleys houses and monasteries appeared on the sides of the mountains. I suddenly felt giddy. Looking over at Holly, I realized I wasn’t alone in my sentiment. The plane twisted and turned, expertly so, and before I knew it, we had touched down.

Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael

Photo Credits: Reese Ishmael
Photo Credits: Reese Ishmael

Keep up with Reese’s adventures in Bhutan on his blog Chillies and Dragons!

First Bhutan International Festival

The first Bhutan International Festival will be held this year in Thimphu! The festival will run from February 14 – 23, with the aim of promoting local arts and creative industries including art, photography, film and music.

BhIF is a non profit annual event – working to build a resilient platform for the ongoing support of the creative arts in Bhutan.
Our mission is to provide a new outlet for artists from across the nation, and invite a cultural exchange with artists from around the world. – BhIF

Photo Credit: His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Photo Credit: His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck

For more information visit Kuensal Online First Bhutan International Festival Feb. 14-23.

Class of 2015 Arrive in Bhutan!

Our Class of 2015 teachers have arrived safely in Bhutan! Up next is a two week orientation in the capital city of Thimphu where they will get to know each other, the country and the culture, as well as preparing them for their classrooms and curriculum.

Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael - Bhutan Airlines
Photo Credit: Reese Ishmael – Bhutan Airlines

Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks from our new and returning teachers!

Traditional Day of Offering

The Traditional Day of Offering is a holiday usually falling in January or February, on the 1st day of the 12th month of the calendar. It is a time of thanks and offerings for the Bhutanese people, typically directed towards Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, the famous unifier of kingdom and culture in Bhutan during the early seventeenth century. The day is celebrated with feasting and traditional sports, including archery, digor, and khuru (darts).

Photo Credit: Ashley Lenzen - Tigers Nest
Photo Credit: BCF Teacher, Ashley Lenzen

Happy Chunyipai Losar from BCF!

Class of 2015 Profile: Kirsten Scott

Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce to you to our final new BCF teacher Kirsten Scott! Kirsten is a fellow Canadian and will be teaching English at Bidung LSS in Trashigang. Along with our 16 new teachers this year we have 4 returning teachers Ashley Lenzen, Wendy Max, Scott Harris and Tim Grossman. We can’t wait for everyone to arrive in Bhutan and stay tuned for updates on orientation!

Kirsten Scott Photo

Kirsten is from Toronto, Canada and has been living in New Zealand and Australia since graduating from her Concurrent Education program in 2013. She is passionate about travelling, hiking, reading and teaching. She is excited and feels very privileged to be able to incorporate all – and being her teaching career – in Bhutan.

Welcome Kirsten and entire class of 2015!

Visit Bhutan Year Events Calendar

2015 is here! Bhutan has declared this year Visit Bhutan Year, and many exciting and special events will take place throughout the country of Bhutan in celebration of the 60th birth anniversary of His Majesty the 4th King Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

Visit Bhutan 2015

Check out the Events Calendar at the Visit Bhutan 2015 website to see what is in store for the year ahead!

Class of 2015 Profile: Holly Krasniuk

We are pleased to introduce fellow Canadian and new BCF teacher Holly Krasniuk. Holly will be teaching English at Samtengang PS in Wangdue Phodrang.

Holly Krasniuk

Holly Krasnuik was raised in Edgewater BC; a rural community nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Here her supportive family exposed her to environmental education, and she developed a true passion and love for nature, adventure and culture. Keen to share these passions, she moved to Victoria B.C where she completed her Bachelors of Education.

Holly has since embraced coastal life and can most often be found riding her bike, teaching bike repair classes, coaching mountain biking or adventuring into the unknown.
Teaching in Bhutan has been a lifelong dream for Holly, and she is excited to contribute to the educational community of Bhutan.

Welcome Holly!

Class of 2015 Profile: Nakita Singh

We are pleased to introduce another new BCF teacher joining our class of 2015 Nakita Singh. She will be heading to Khidheykhar MSS in Mongar to teach English!

Nikita Singh

Nakita’s interests in travel and teaching were cultivated at a young age. Since then she has completed a degree in International Education, studied in Japan and taught in the Netherlands, Tunisia and in her home county, the UK, as well as exploring other cultures around the world. She is looking forward to finally being immersed in nature and educational development in Asia whilst continuing to enjoy learning in all areas of life. Nakita’s interests in mindfulness, community and growth have led her on this path to the beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan and she is excited to embrace all opportunities!

Excited to have you on board Nakita!

Class of 2015 Profile: Alex Rothman

With less than three weeks to go before our Class of 2015 arrives in Thimphu, we’re excited to introduce another passionate and engaged educator, Alex Rothman, who will be heading to Drujeygang HSS in Dagana to teach English.

Alex Rothman

Alex Rothman is from Wanganui, a small town in provincial New Zealand. After spending a year in North Yorkshire Alex lived in Wellington, the ‘coolest little capital’ in the world’, first studying and then working. Alex has taught English and Social Studies for two years before coming to Bhutan.

Welcome Alex!

Class of 2015 Profile: Judy Byrne

Happy New Year! Wishing  everyone a happy and healthy year ahead.  We are excited about the year 2015, and part of our excitement is due to all of our new and returning teachers. Today we would like to introduce you to new BCF teacher Judy Byrne. Judy will be teaching English at Bartsam PS in Trashigang.


Irish-born, nature-loving, life-long learner, Judy Byrne believes if she’s not living on the edge she’s taking up too much space. Just when her two great children have moved into their adult life and all is well, she is ready for new growth and meaning. When she is not hiking, biking, paddling or playing Scrabble, Judy teaches French and German at a girls’ school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about language and is giving Dzongkha her best shot.

She is honoured to have been chosen as a 2015 BCF teacher and is looking forward to her work and her new friends in Bhutan.

Kuzuzangpola Judy!