Catching up With the Diver Family

Archery, local buses, and fiery food! BCF teacher Paul Diver and family share what it is like living in Bhutan on their blog Bhutan Clan.

Diver, Justine - Diver Family
Photo Credit: Justine Diver – The Diver family

“Another great thing about the buses is that they will stop anywhere along the road and so when a fellow teacher asked me to buy her some ‘real coffee’ in Thimphu, I simply asked the driver to stop at her house while I went in and delivered the package. Nobody on the bus complained or looked at me with daggers – everyone does it.” –  Paul Diver, The Joy of Bhutanese Buses

Diver, Paul - ChillisJPG
Photo Credit: Paul Diver – Bhutanese Chillis

“Of course, I cannot write a post about Bhutanese food without mentioning chilli. I don’t know when the chilli arrived in Bhutan but it is very much part of the culture. They are eaten as a vegetable rather than as a condiment and so most dishes are best described as ‘fiery’. I like a bit of chilli myself but I literally could not stomach the amount of chillies a typical Bhutanese eats. Our kids would always complain if I put the slightest hint of chilli in our food back in Australia. Now they are so used to it that they even sprinkle it on popcorn.” –  Paul Diver, I can make you a millionaire!

Follow along with the Diver family and check out their latest post Tsetchu Sir!

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Blog of the Week – The Dzongs of Bhutan

Dzongs are a distinctive type of fortress architecture found all over Bhutan. These ancient structures serve as the religious, military, administrative, and social centers of their district. BCF teacher Vicky Chartres has shared incredible photos of a few of the Dzongs she has been able to view and explore in her post Dzongs of Bhutan.

“We feel privileged to have been able to see so many of these ancient monuments and at different times, festivals, seasons and even historic moments. This is a photographic showcase of the stunning architecture, of what I consider to be Bhutan’s most distinctive manmade structure.” – Vicky Chartres

Chartres, Vicky - Trashigang Dzong
Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres – Trashigang Dzong
Chartres, Vicky - Punakha Dzong
Photo Credit: Vicky Chartres – Punakha Dzong

“Many if not all, were constructed of wood, stones and rammed earth in the 17th century. The inside of each, is as distinctive as the exterior and the location in which it has been placed. There are similarities, which make even a novice like me certain of when I am looking at one or the ruins of one. There are courtyards and three storied towers, high walls and intricately carved and painted woodwork and steep ladder-like stairs with banisters smooth as silk with a shining patina created by the thousand of hands that have slid over them for centuries. To stand inside one for the first time is a magical moment. .” – Vicky Chartres

Check out Vicky’s blog In The Shadow of the Mountains and for more information on the districts and Dzongs in Bhutan check out our Spotlight on the Districts Series!

Mountain Echoes Festival

The Mountain Echoes Festival is currently taking place in Bhutan from May 21st until the 24th. The three-day festival brings together a mix of Bhutanese, Indian and International writers, film-makers, musicians and artists to engage in cultural dialogue and share stories.

Photo Credit - Mountain Echoes Festival Facebook Page
Photo Credit – Mountain Echoes Festival Facebook Page

“Celebrating the true spirit of art begets art, the cultural melee will host more than 50 speakers from South Asia and around the world who will speak on the subjects spread over different genres: from texture of mountain writing to environmental concerns; crime writing to concerns with democracy; popular fiction and gender writing to poems and plays.”  –  The Times of India Mountain Echoes Lit Fest Begins in Bhutan

“”Only if you understand art history, you can become a true art connoisseur. Appreciating art comes from truly understanding your subject and the emotions associated with it.” – The Times of India  Revisiting Art History at Bhutan Litfest.

Archers of Bhutan (now on Youtube)

Tshering Choden was Bhutan’s first female archery player to compete at the Summer Olympic games, a role model for many Bhutanese young girls.

In 2004, Holger Riedel (Compass-Film) flew to Bhutan to follow Tshering Choden while she was preparing for the Olympic games in Athens. Holger produced the documentary Bhutan Bogenschutz for Olympia with assistance from Bhutan+partners. An English version was later produced and is now available on Youtube. Enjoy!!

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Blog of the Week – an auspicious year to tear down houses

Interested in a typical day in the life of a BCF teacher? Learn from Sarah’s wonderful account of her day to day, including waking up before 7, sharing kitchen scraps with cows, enjoying life with friends and colleagues, and longing for real coffee.

Diamond, Sarah - College House

There’s something ever so satisfying about putting effort into everyday basic activities that I take for absolute granted back home. I love that I make my shower and literally wash my laundry. I love that I know which garden everything in my kitchen comes from. I go to sleep on Sundays feeling satisfied. Thinking back to my life I know all too well and that I left back home, and how I’ve adapted to this completely foreign simplistic new life in ways I never thought imaginable, bring a smile to my face.

Some days I do long for my fancy espressos and hot showers, but this is how I have chosen to live. I strongly believe that anyone can live anywhere. And that’s pretty cool to be able to slide right into another life just like that last piece of a puzzle. And so here I sit on my mat outside my house, gazing out into the himalayas, watching my bucket laundry dry, as I slip into this alternate, beautifully seductive world.

Read Sarah’s full account at “Next year is an auspicious year to tear down houses.”

Zhabdrung Kuchoe

Zhabdrug Kuchoe, the death anniversary of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, is a day in Bhutan to pay homage to the Bhutanese leader who first united Bhutan as a nation state. This important day is annually marked on the 10th day of the 3rd month of the Bhutanese calendar, and this year was observed on May 9th.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

“Zhabdrung Kuchoe is the day our great leader of Bhutan expired. We have to celebrate this day because he brought peace to Bhutan.” – Karma Lhazin (Student)

Check out alumni teacher Ann’s blog post Zhabdrung Kuchoe for more information about this celebrated day!

Photo of the Week – Teachers Day

In our opinion teachers should be celebrated every day! BCF teacher Sarah, who is currently teaching English at Tshangkha LSS in Trongsa, and Ashley who is teaching Math at Nangkhor HSS in Pemagatshel, both shared photos from Teachers Day at their schools.

“I have never felt more loved, honoured, or appreciated as a teacher. Thank you Nangkor students… you are truly amazing!” – Ashley Lenzen

Photo Credit: Ashley Lenzen
Photo Credit: Ashley Lenzen
Photo Credit: Sarah Diamond
Photo Credit: Sarah Diamond

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