Photo of the Week – Sporting Life

In honour of the summer Olympics, we thought we’d showcase a lovely photo from Vicky’s blog as her school hosts an impromptu Sports Meet.

Photo Credit: Vicky

Squeezing in practice and concerns over fitting in the school curriculum all the while operating on BST (Bhutan Stretchable Time!) led to some great games of table tennis, football, volleyball and more. Play on!

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Bhutan Photo of the Week: Love for Bhutanese Students!

For today’s photo of the week and in keeping in mind that there are less than two weeks left to apply to Teach in Bhutan, we decided to choose a lovely picture from one of Ashley’s classrooms as her students busy themselves with journalling.

Photo Credit: Ashley

According to Ashley, “The students here are some of the best people I have ever met. How can I say that about a group of individuals who’s ages range from 11-16? I have no idea, but all I know is that I will NEVER forget these youngsters and they have made a permanent imprint on my heart.” (Continue to read Ashley’s blog post at My Love for my Bhutanese students.)

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Teacher Blog of the Week: Mid-Year Retreat

Its hard to believe that the year is already half over and our teachers have been in the field for over seven months!

During their mid-year break, several of our teachers had the chance to meet up for a retreat and to share their experiences in-person.They also had a great opportunity to travel around together and see the sights, luckily with perfect weather!

Dave,  Martin, Tara, Ashley and Karma. Photo Credit: Dave Green.
“…The red wine was pouring in hearty measures, stories were being exchanged and the fresh-faced foreigners who arrived here 6 months ago were notable by their absence, replaced by a new breed of intrepid teacher. In the beginning we were all over-excited, shell-shocked by our much-anticipated and long-imagined arrival, unsure of ourselves, uncertain about what our experiences would entail and how our placements would pan out. The restless agitation of excitement had given way to an assured calm, a comfortability in our own Bhutanese skins.
We’ve all been excited by how easy we find each other’s company, especially on the trek where everybody was helping everyone else and we all took turns walking with each other, bantering and digging into our respective histories. Everyone has a story – lives are just stories written in chapters by our choices – and there’s some good ones here.”
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Teacher Blog of the Week: Jimmy’s Missing Shoe!

BCF teacher Sabrina has a special friend in Bhutan, her best friend’s little nephew, Jimmy. When Sabrina was asked to take care of Jimmy for a few days, she was thrilled to oblige. 

When Jimmy failed to find one of his required black school shoes one morning…Sabrina didn’t worry, figuring they would find it or get a new pair if need be…but little did she know that the missing little black shoe would become the talk of the school! 

Sabrina with the infamous little black shoe. Photo Credit: Sabrina
Want to know more about the adventures of the little black shoe? Read Sabrina’s blog here

Bhutanese TV Program Wins UNICEF Prize

Tashi and Sakteng producer, Sonam Phuntsho, with his UNICEF prize.
Photo Credit: The Journalist
At the recent Prix Jeunesse International Festival, a biennial festival that promotes quality in television for children and youth worldwide, a Bhutanese TV program came out with the prestigious UNICEF prize.

The children’s program, ‘Tashi and Sakteng’, promotes education in Bhutan, and features “12-year-old Tashi, who lives in the mountains of Bhutan. Tashi is part of the Brokpa tribe, whose livelihood and wealth are linked to raising yaks. But Tashi also goes to school and believes that all children should be able to get an education, even if they are herdsman. The highlight of the show is a debate between Tashi, with his fellow students, and the village elders over whether the local youth should go to school. In the end, Tashi wins the debate, explaining that knowledge will help their tribe in many ways.”

It’s not hard to see why UNICEF thought ‘Tashi and Sakteng’ deserved their prize, which celebrates members of the broadcast industry who are helping to raise awareness of children’s concerns and the basic human rights that all children deserve.”

To read more about the show and the UNICEF award, check out the whole story here.