Thank You Natalie!

Natalie Charlton is one of several university lecturers working in Bhutan in 2011. She is almost at the end of her time in Bhutan and we wanted to say THANK YOU to Natalie for all her hard work at Paro College of Education!

When we visited her in Bhutan, Natalie was nice enough to sit down for an interview and tell us about a typical day in Paro. Enjoy!

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Teacher Blog of the Week: Post Exam Celebrations!

We all know how the feeling – exams are finished, the break is looming and you feel as though you are on top of the world. School break excitement is the same the world over, but exactly how that break is celebrated is certainly different everywhere you go.

Our teacher blog of the week comes from our two Australians Ian and Vicky and their blog In the Shadow of the Mountains. In this post the take us on a photo journey through the post – exam celebration in their town – a monastic ritual!

For more incredible photos like this please the rest of the post Monastery Celebrations.

Attend the BCF Momo Night!

Please join us on Tuesday, July 5th at 7pm for BCF’s first ever Momo Night. For just $10 participants will have the opportunity to make, steam and eat their very own momo’s. This is a great opportunity for interested teachers to learn about Bhutanese food, and for everyone to learn how to make this delicious Bhutanese delicacy!

Mt. Everest Restaurant
469 Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON M5S 1X9
(416) 964-8849

To RSVP please click HERE and pay $10 for each person attending Momo Night. In the “comment” section please write “RSVP Momo Night” so that we know what your payment is for.

This is an open event, so please invite your friends!

Introducing…The KPS Observer

This morning we received an email from BCF teacher Lisa Phu, who is stationed in Kanglung. Lisa is Literary Coordinator at her school, Kanglung Primary School, and decided to start a school newspaper. Below is the first edition of The KPS Observer, written and photographed by 22 class 4-6 students.

This semester Lisa has taught the students all about the basics of newspaper-ing, from how to write news stories, to lessons on digital photography and how to conduct interviews. Lisa and the club hope to produce two more editions next semester!

Will you help to support next semester’s printing of the KPS Observer?  By donating even $1 you will be giving one of Lisa’s students a copy of the paper they worked so hard to create! Show your support and DONATE ONLINE now.
The KPS Observer

Teacher Blog of the Week: Life in Samtengang

Our teacher blog of the week this week is really exciting, as it comes from Carson Koller (Class of 2011)’s new(ish) blog Druk Mail!

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Carson wasn’t really planning on keeping a blog while in Bhutan. He relented once he found out how much his friends and family were enjoying his long emails home every few weeks. His blog is essentially a collection of those emails that he has thankfully allowed us (and you!) to enjoy. Check out his most recent post “The Break is Coming! The Break is Coming!” about life in Bhutan leading up to the oh-so-exciting summer break!

We are certainly happy that Carson has decided to let all of us in on his personal emails. He is one of our more entertaining teachers, and seems to encounter some of the craziest situations!

Crazy Carson

“You know those moments in your life that will last forever? Those times that you know you will look fondly back on in your wizened and elderly state? Such an event took place recently. It was the middle of a hot day and I had just entered my 7th period class, 7B English, when one of my students ripped out her tooth. My reaction was something like this:

Carson: ‘Oh my god! Are you alright?’
Phub D.: ‘Look, my tooth.’
Carson: ‘Uh, yeah, look at that! Does it hurt?’
Phub D.: ‘Yeah, it’s paining a little.’

Perhaps it was shock, or most likely her blank stare as she ripped out a tooth while looking deep into my eyes, but I couldn’t help but laugh at this point, WHAT THE WHAT?!”

– Carson Koller The Break is Coming!

23 Years Ago in Phongmey

Nancy with community members in Phongmey

Twenty-three years ago BCF’s Executive Director, Nancy Strickland, had just started teaching in Trashigang district in Bhutan. Last week she found a letter she wrote home describing her experience! Have a read!

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Nancy Phongmey Letter