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Have you always wanted to attend a BCF event but have been unable to because you live too far away?

Join us for an online Bhutan information session on June 14th 6pm-7pm ET! The webinar will be interactive and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. If you’re interested in teaching in Bhutan in 2012 this is the perfect chance to learn more!


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Teacher Blog of the Week: Sports Meet in Bhutan

Have you ever wondered what kind of sports Bhutanese kids play in school way high up in the Himalayas? Our teacher blog of the week answer just that question!

Vicky Chartres and Ian Swift are our two Australian teachers who are living and teaching in the heat of Rangjung near Trashigang in Eastern Bhutan. Ian is teaching at the Lower School and Vicky is teaching at the high school and has taken up the duty of the table tennis club. This post from their blog In the Shadow of the Mountains takes us through a day at a recent sports meet at Vicky’s school.

Table tennis is very popular at Rangjung HSS!

“When I put up my hand to run the table tennis team I didn’t really understand that that would make me T/T co-ordinator at the cluster meet. In fact I wasn’t in the least bit confident that I could umpire even if there were were only 3 schools involved and we were stationed in a hut out near the boys toilets! The regular club members play for fun and are largely rank beginners with whom I feel very comfortable. There is a competitive element in the boys group and they lobbied immediately for not being left in the hut but relocating the table to the stage in the hall. To their credit they also did the work that that involved and found students better able to fulfil the umpire and scorer roles too. When I first discovered that this would be my responsibility, I was a little surprised to discover that last years national girls doubles runners up were out there somewhere in the school cohort. But they came forward as did other non-club members and the team selected itself as it were. The better players have emerged in the last 2 weeks and we had a frenzy of after school practices last week and the real test was yesterday.”
         – Vicky Chartres and Ian Swift Cluster Sports Meet 

Be sure to check out their Blog for the rest of the post!

Beautiful Bartsham

We took a lot of video while we were in Bhutan. A lot. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to upload anything as we went along because we just didn’t have the bandwidth. Actually, we tried once but when the YouTube upload notification said “677 minutes remaining” we decided we would just have to wait until we were back home.

This video is from a lovely day spent in Bartsham, where Shauna and Julian are placed.

Teacher blog of the week: Romancing Bhutan

Because we are so excited about the re-launch of the Teach Blog of the Week series, we have decided to feature TWO blogs this week!

Nick Morris (Class of 2010) was our star blogger last year updating his blog Bhutanlines an incredible 31 times. (It is even more incredible when you see just how long some of his posts are!) His incredible writing skills and touching stories allowed us to experience Bhutan right along side him. This year Nick has continued with his blog which features a great new perspective as he embarks on his second year of teaching in Khaling in eastern Bhutan.

Check out Nick’s most recent post “Peaks and Valleys.”

GNH at work

“No, this is not a traditional love story; it is the story of the love between a man and a country, and just like any relationship, it is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys.

What’s interesting is how quickly the tides can turn. One moment I’m loving life, enjoying every minute of my day, and then, as suddenly as the clouds sweep in and block out the sun, emptying themselves on the world below, my mood changes and I’m left feeling frustrated or sometimes even angry. I don’t want to feel this way, obviously, but “life” sometimes forces this mood upon me. My only hope is that just as the flowers grow in the wake of all the rain, so too will my resolve and love of this country.”
– Nick Morris “Peaks and Valleys”

Check out the rest of this blog post HERE.

Teacher Recruitment Contest – Enter to Win Great Prizes

What is BCF? 
The Bhutan Canada Foundation believes that education is key to the thoughtful transformation of the young democracy of Bhutan. Through the provisioning of teachers, materials and scholarships we encourage the growth of a vibrant and universal system of education based on collaboration and knowledge exchange, thus carrying on a legacy of Canadian and Bhutanese cooperation and goodwill.

Looking for Teaching Talent!

We’re currently recruiting teachers to join the BCF Teacher Class of 2012! At the request of the Secretary of Education in Bhutan, BCF is planning to recruit twenty-five to thirty new teachers this year. All applications can be made online at

The Contest
Do you know an adventurous teacher who would jump at the opportunity to teach abroad in the Himalayas? Help us spread the word and you could win great prizes! One grand prize winner will win a limited release Robert Bateman “Cranes of Bhutan” print, signed by the artist worth $200! Two runners up will win one signed copy of Jamie Zeppa’s book Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan worth $50 each.

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Teacher blog of the week: Overcoming culture shock

Today we are really excited to be  launching the “Teacher Blog of the Week” series again after a short hiatus. 

Recruitment for the Class of 2012 has officially opened and with it has come a barrage of questions about what life is like for BCF teachers in Bhutan. Many people are often concerned with the culture shock that invariably comes along with moving to a foreign country, working in a foreign school and generally just missing the comforts of home. Our teacher blog of the week touches on some of these issues and I think will be a great tool for those interested in teaching in Bhutan.

Class of 2011 teacher Meghann Turner is teaching at Phobjikha PMSS in the western part of Bhutan. Surrounded by stunning peaks Phobjikha is one of the most beautiful postings but is also one of the coldest. Our girl from Manitoba can handle it though and has done an incredible job of settling into her new community and school routine.

This week our choice comes from Meghann’s blog In the Land of the Thunder Dragon. In her post titled “Yak Babies and a new Kind of Love” Meghann talks about overcoming culture shock and her new found love of her home, Bhutan.

“After this dream, I started having these tiny moments of joy that linger and seem to multiply into more moments of joy. When I am looking at the sun hitting only parts of the mountains, when day by day the valley turns a deeper shade of green, when my students ask a question in English that is more complex than they ever have before, when I am alone with Bhutanese people and I feel like I am at home.

So let me tell you about some of the intensity before this switch in the night, because I was starting to feel out of place with an attitude I couldn’t shake…”
               – Meghann Turner “Yak Babies and a New Kind of Love”

Check out the rest of Meghann’s blog post HERE.

Baby yak (not in Bhutan)

Implementing GNH

The article “Stories from schools and classrooms” from the May 15th Kuensel outlines a GNH seminar that happened recently at Paro College of Education in Bhutan. This gathering of principals, teachers, lecturers and students met to discuss the various ways that GNH is implemented in schools across Bhutan. The seminar was a result of the Educating for GNH program that aims to “create teachers who understand GNH, and who will then establish a GNH learning environment for children, by 2012.”

Bartsham Primary, the school that BCF teacher Julian Richards calls home, is mentioned as a leader in GNH implementation when it comes to environmental protection. At that school students organized a massive cleaning campaign that earned them 45, 000 Nu after selling the plastic. They used this money to replace their school’s blackboards with a more environmentally friendly alternative.

“Every child must succeed: Education minister Thakur S Powdyel speaks at the seminar”

Check out the article HERE.

An exciting opportunity for teachers from Calgary!

Are you a teacher from Calgary? Do you currently teach with the Calgary Board of Education? Well, have we got an opportunity for you!

The International Bureau of the Calgary Board of Education is working with The Bhutan Canada Foundation to offer Professional Improvement Fellowships in Bhutan!  A professional improvement fellowship (PIF) allows teachers who currently work with CBE to teach abroad for one year while still maintaining their current status and position with the board.
Teachers who receive a PIF fellowship are expected to share learnings from their experience with the Calgary Board of Education upon return to Canada.
For more information on how to apply visit the International PIF website.

Ask a BCF Teacher!

If you’re thinking about (or have already!) applied to join the Class of 2012 you probably have all sorts of questions about what it’s really like to live and work in Bhutan. Fortunately, one of our BCF teachers, Kendra, kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us when we visited her in Trashiyangtse. 
In this video we’ve asked, “What is your favorite thing about teaching in Bhutan?” Watch and find out her answer! 

Interested in joining Kendra in Bhutan? Recruitment for the Class of 2012 is open. Apply online at

Bhutan Nights Spring/ Summer Series – An Update

Our first “Bhutan Nights” event, the Former Teachers Panel at the Center for Social Innovation went off without a hitch. We would like to thank all of our fantastic panelists Ann Curry (and her daughter Jessie), Cam Kilgour, Ann Berman, Jamie Zeppa, and Roy and Nancy Greenwood. It was amazing to have all of the different perspectives of former WUSC teachers who taught in Bhutan in the 80’s and 90’s, recent BCF teachers who taught in Bhutan last year, and young Bhutanese Canadians who have spent quite a lot of time in Bhutan.

We have decided to re-vamp our schedule a little bit and hold the Webinar in June and the Momo Night in July. Check out the new schedule below: 

When: June 14th 
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EST
Where: Online
What: Have you always wanted to attend a BCF event but have been unable to because you live too far away? This is your chance to attend a Bhutan Information session online. The webinar will be interactive and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Momo Night
When: July 5th 
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST
Where: TBD
What: Have you always loved momos and want to learn how to make them? Come to BCF’s momo night to learn how to make these delicious treats. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to taste the wares!

Jamie Zeppa “Author’s Night”
When: August 2nd
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST
Where: TBD
What: In celebration of the release of the much anticipated follow up novel to Beyond the Sky and the Earth: a Journey into Bhutan, BCF will be hosting an Author’s Night with writer Jamie Zeppa. Participants will have the opportunity to hear Ms. Zeppa read an excerpt from her new novel Every Time We Say Goodbye, have the author autograph your copy, and participate in a question and answer period.

Remember: Applications to join the Class of 2012 are officially open! If you are interested in teaching in Bhutan, or know someone who might be interested in teaching in Bhutan, attend the Webinar on June 7th to learn more about our program!